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We will avoid an analysis of the candidates in this post because (a) it has been done extensively elsewhere and (b) we might do it later in another post.  We find the election itself more interesting.  (Some analysis of the candidates is necessary, but we prefer to focus on the aspects surrounding the election itself.)

By the way, we like this commentary on the 2008 election.

That said, we have decided to use the opening of the polls in Cobb County (Georgia) as our initial chart.  Why?  (Why not Plano, for example.  That’s where we cast almost everything else.  Or what about New York?  Or Ohio?)

A quick and informal search of “nov 6 2012 poll opens” in our favorite search engine lead us to the Cobb County site as the first meaningful description of the opening of the polls.  Since the internet was unquestionably important in the last election, and will be more so in this one (particularly via social networking), we use an internet source as the basis of “When do the polls open?”

Speaking of the internet, have you seen the Amazon Heatmap of the Presidential Election?  Since it is subject to change, we will include of snapshot of what we are looking at as this commentary is being written:

[Click to Enlarge]

So, what does that mean?  Is the country really Red?  The (other) polls say otherwise.  Maybe what this map really means is this: Republicans tend to read more paper-based books whereas Democrats take in their information from other sources, such as television (and the internet).  Is the map real, or is it skewed?  Are we seeing a reflection of a population moving away from reading?

That said, here is the chart that results:

[Click to Enlarge]

We first note that, unlike the election of 2000, the Moon is not void.  It is in Leo and applying to a square to the Sun and waning.  As is true with all U.S. Presidential elections for anyone who is currently living, the Sun is in Scorpio (in early November).  But, unlike most other elections, the Sun has recently conjoined Saturn.

As has been true in the past 3 elections, especially 2000 and 2004, the Moon dominates the election.  Unlike the void Moon of 2000, we have a Moon that is certain of its intent here.  We will get a decisive result.  [Update: when I wrote this I did not realize that Mercury was making a retrograde station on this date.  Rather than saying we will get a decisive result, I think I should say that I expect confusion to abound.  Indeed, we may not know who the winner is until as long as several weeks after the election.  This will be a close one.]

Although recounts could happen, we do not expect them.  We do think that the waning Moon may signal the end of an era of some kind.  That is, after this term, the United States will be a very different place from what it has been like for a number of decades.  We will go further and argue that this era started the last time that the Sun conjoined Saturn in Scorpio, roughly 45 days prior to the 1980 election.

The Sun is six (6) days past its first conjunction with Scorpio in (approximately) the past 30 years.  Specifically, the last time the Sun conjoined Saturn (for the first time after entry) was September 22, 1980.  That was a bit before the Reagan election of 1980That election was a rare landslide election that went against an incumbent (Jimmy Carter).  Specifically, a pro-business conservative Republican governor upset a liberal Democrat President who had problems in the Middle East.  Could that happen here?

The polls currently say no.  And, we tend to agree with the polls.  This is because of the position of the Moon.  Specifically, if we look at the Moon in Romney’s natal chart, it is placed between Saturn and Pluto.  *IF* he is elected, then this will have an interesting symmetry with the Diamond Pattern of the 2012 Solstice.

But, Obama has the Moon conjunct Mercury, a bit more favorable as far as aspects go.  We think he will win.  But, Mars & Pluto in the second house say that the last four years were just the prelude, the beginning, of the deep fiscal issues that the nation, and the world, will face in the next four years.  Sadly, we have not seen the worst of it yet.  And, we cannot spend our way out of it.

And, some comparisons of Obama to Jimmy Carter are being made.  Fox News wrote an article called “Obama is Jimmy Carter 2.0.”  Fox is rather conservative, but what about the Washington Times?  And, BEFORE he was elected, the New York Observer made a set of Obama / Carter comparisons.  Assuming that you are old enough to remember who Jimmy Carter was, and why he was voted out of office, is that a fair comparison?

What will be interesting will be to see the mood of the country when the Sun / Scorpio conjunction happens this year.  We would not be surprised to see an event of some kind between the upcoming Full Moon and that conjunction that might cause some kind of shift in the sentiment of the country.  And, Jupiter has left its contact with Obama’s natal moon and is applying to a conjunction with Romney’s natal Uranus.  A surprise could happen.

We note also that (1) if Moon favors Obama then we expect women, in general, to do so also.  But (2) Moon between Saturn & Pluto for Romney COULD mean an unusual show of solidarity by conservative women.  The ladies in red jackets might make a strong showing.  Finally, (3) we believe that the Saturn return group (and we will loosely define this) of 1980 to 1986 births will be a decisive factor in this election.  (They might can even out-vote the younger “college student” group that was so strong in the last election.)

Here is the chart of the Sun / Saturn conjunction for this year, followed by the 1980 Sun/Saturn conjunction chart (both set in Plano):

[Click to Enlarge]

[Click to Enlarge]


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  2. This is confusing red means labour in uk and blue means tory in uk it is the otherway round in usa ?


    • Essentially, yes. The conservatives here are the “Republicans,” and that is red. Blue is for “Democrats,” and they are liberal (like the Labour party in UK). Does that help? And, thanks for pointing out the cultural difference. Although I write in Texas and U.S., the blog has become international in scope, with significant numbers of visitors from the UK, Australia, India, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.


  3. Rather than start a new article, I am making a comment here. I note a strong reaction to this election: seven states have petitions to secede from the union. Texas (where I live) is leading the pack.

    Why is this so?

    Without astrology, I say that it is because, essentially, three (four?) urban areas re-elected Obama, essentially against the will of the rest of the country. The first was the corridor that surrounds NYC, the “megalopolis” that reaches from DC to Boston. Ohio, a critical swing state, has always been tied to this region politically and culturally (i.e. the Erie Canal, etc.)

    The second was Illinois (Chicago) and nearby states.

    The third was California. Californians will argue the LA (Southern) and San Francisco (Northern) are distinctly different. Maybe so, for THEM, but to us they look like a unified voting block.

    The rest of us disagreed.

    NOW, the astrological analysis.

    Ordinarily, I do not use asteroids. But, here, one in particular applies: Ceres. Ceres is about the relationship between producers and consumers, particularly with regard to agricultural products. Large urban areas tend to be CONSUMERS whereas rural states tend to be PRODUCERS (at least of food). That’s really the core issue in this election and this political climate.

    Of course, this is a simplified model. Michigan & Ohio are part of the “rust belt” (industrial producers that have not fared well in recent decades), and they voted for Obama. In addition to being urban, California is probably the most productive economy in the U.S. and certainly it produces a large amount of agricultural products. (However, I strongly suspect that California was influenced by the voting patterns of the Megalopolis, Michigan / Ohio, and Illinois. That is, being two time zones behind, the Californians, at leas “enough” of them, “fell into line.”)

    Still, exceptions noted, I believe that the core issues of this election, and the nation, are reflected in the metaphor of Ceres (the grain goddess).

    And, in hindsight, I note that (most incredibly) we somehow got an election vote that was decisive (Obama’s Electoral College vote) and confusing (Florida, the petitions to secede).


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