Full Moon, September 2012: T-Square Activation and Mars Opposes Algol

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We have an “interesting” full moon coming this weekend.  It seems to be a marker of the sign of the times with a gunman killing a number of people in Minneapolis as well as profound unrest in many areas (and aspects) of the Middle East.  Here are a few key points:

1.  The relationship between Uranus and Pluto (the square that will “toll” like a bell seven times, according to Cainer, until 2015) is activated by this Full Moon.  The Moon is a degree of orb away from Uranus as its opposition with the Sun culminates.  In simple terms, the Moon conjoins Uranus, the Sun opposes Uranus, and all three square Saturn Pluto.

[Sorry for the typo.  But, most of you know I meant Pluto, right?  After all, if you are reading a blog like this one, then SURELY you have heard about this Uranus/Pluto event that will last from circa 2011 to circa 2015.  Right?  If not, then check back.  We will be writing much more about this in the months to come.  Update: We think this Full Moon has some Earthquake potential.  Hopefully, we are wrong.  But, it looks like a possibility.  Update to the Update: expected the earthquake to be SOMEWHERE ELSE, not here in Dallas.  But, though small, read about it here.  Thankfully, it was too small to be felt anywhere outside of our immediate region & no damage locally.]

2.  Mars, only a degree past a square with Venus, opposes Algol.  Venus obviously squares it.

3.  Easy to forget with all this current high drama, Saturn soon enters Scorpio in preparation for the aspects of December of 2012.

From the maps, I note that the northern coast of South America is VERY active at this time.  Not sure what will happen here, but do not be surprised if some kind of border dispute turns “hot” and possibly into a war.  “Things” look troubling here.  The same is true for East Timor, which has exactly the same kind of energy (Sun/Moon/Pluto) in maximal configuration.  Things could go boom.

Practical Applications of this Full Moon: (1) This is a dangerous period.  Be careful.  (2) This is a time to balance between planning and taking action.  If you have been doing too much of one, then it is time for you to look at doing the other.  That is, if you have been going “full tilt,” then you need to pause and rethink your goals and objectives.  And, if you have been “all saddlin’ up and no riding,” then you need to get back in the saddle and get something done.  Only you know which one.  But, if you really are not sure, then do something (safely).

Here is the chart, calculated by Solar Fire and set, of course, in Plano.

[click to enlarge]

Here are summary views of the planet at the time of these aspects.  (Generated by Solar Maps.)

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