Joseph C and the Memoirs of His Adventures

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Let me re-interate, Joseph, that you need to write your memoirs.  While I am unsure of the precise details as to why this is true, I can tell you that time is short for you.  That does not mean that you will die soon, but it does mean that a window is closing for you soon.  You must write your memoirs.  Here is how to do it.  Use either Word or Scrivener to organize your work.  Write as fast and furious as you can.  (That means you use the word count feature to tell you how many words you have written each day, and you make certain you write at least 1000 words per day, every day.  Like Hemingway, you stop dead center in the middle of a thought each day to prevent “writers block” when you start the next day.)

Give yourself a deadline.  Heck, *I* will give you a deadline: September 30th.  You have to write the end first, and work backwards.  That is, you write the last chapter, and it begins like this: “Here is why I am writing this:”  Then you write the previous chapter and work backwards.

On September 30th, you will publish the entire thing, by midnight, as a first edition on .MOBI format in Amazon’s Kindle marketplace.  (Note that you can find ebooks there on ebook publishing, and several blogs discuss the idea, such as this one and this one.)

Although I do the astrology work I do for “free,” my real payment is (paradoxically) anonymous recognition.  So, I want a credit.  (Grandtrines, at, gave me the kick in the seat of the pants to write this.)  Maybe I will publish a “Grand Trines” book myself.

If you are still alive and able bodied on October 1st, you can NOW re-write the chapters (and add material if you wish).  At the end of October, you publish again, but this is now the 2nd edition.  The main thing is, you need this work PUBLISHed somewhere “just in case” the window closes.

If you are still alive and able bodied on November 1st, you can take what you have written and use it for the basis of a novel (work of fiction) by participating in Nanowrimo.  Start at the end again.  Publish in .MOBI format to the Kindle marketplace on December 31st.  And, I want another credit!

Here is what you wrote when you requested my analysis:

Hello-Great insights! Thank you so much for the Mutual reception article…
I am a sag with a stellum of scorpio planets in the 12th- venusconjnept conjunct ascend conjuct moon….which are also conj sun merc in sag.
When saturn and pluto was in scorpio in 84 I became very ill for a yr….later I was diagnosed with hiv which progressed to aids. I did not take meds(stubborn) until 5 yrs ago. I am now a pretty vibrant individual…I could fill volumes on my “affair” with pluto as it touched all of my personal planets. I witnessed tremendous death in this life. I am looking forward to this transit. It seems that once you align with pluto and discard what is asked of you the light bursts thru. I watched 2 dear friends lose their lives when saturn transited their 12th just a few months ago…I have a hope that I will release more ego-more baggage- more fear…and maybe if it is my time to leave the planet…Im ready.
But I also sense a great power building within me…pluto in my 2nd nept in 4th, chiron return,uran in 5th, jupt in 7th is filling me with creativity and God….I am full.
….I am trying not to hold my breath for the worst- I am praying for more release of that which holds me apart from God/wellbeing. Can the mutual reception aid in my release? Pluto will almost be sextiling my venus/nept when saturn is on top of them.
Neptune is trining the 12th- along with jupiter. Will the support from these bodies aid in the saturn transit? I began studying astrology when I first got sick…my health is amazing right now…any thoughts are most welcome.

Although I can answer your specific questions, the prescription (maybe I should be Dr. Grand Trines?) I mentioned above should address your needs.  This is particularly true with your Jupiter/Chiron conjunction and the ongoing Chiron return in your chart.  (You can certainly ask questions, and we can discuss it in comments.)

Here is your natal chart, produced in Solar Fire 7 and annotated using Snag-It:

[click to enlarge]

And, yup, Saturn will give you quite a ride in 2013 / 2014 / 2015.  Look back at what happened 14 & 28 years ago to get a perspective on what is coming.

Update: Joseph found that we had an error in our calculations.  Here is the corrected chart.  Our interpretations, however, still stand the same.

[Click to Enlarge]

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