August 22nd Followup

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As of this writing, 13 comments are in the pending queue and most of them (you) have either chart requests or followups.  When I address them, they will be in this order:

1.  Evie, Nefrit, & Swan/Yol

2.  Joseph, Jill, & XCD

3.  Gina & Dean

While I cannot provide any deadlines for you, I hope to have them all done by Labor Day.

Here are some temporary answers for some of you:

Evie, Nefrit, & Swan/Yol: we have ongoing dialogs and I just have to address the next set of questions each of you have asked.

Joseph: You have both an interesting chart and an interesting life.  You enjoy dreaming quite a bit.  I suspect that you have had some remarkable romances in your day.  Sounds as if you have made a powerful choice.  Based on the information provided, I recommend that you read the works of Caroline Myss.  Pay special attention to her three levels of power.  Also: have you considered an anonymous blog about your story and your experiences?  If you do, then let me know so I can give you a link or two.

(By the way, that last offer goes for the rest of you, too.)

Jill B: I know you are going through a difficult time.  Your particular Sun/Moon combination can make it difficult to be satisfied at times.  Yes, Saturn is on top of your Sun.  So is Mars.  You might actually have a once in a lifetime opportunity now, but it will require a HUGE amount of work.  You will also have to give something up.  And, you do have enough energy to do what needs to be done.  You just need to focus on doing it before the moment passes you by.  You already know this without writing here.  So, do it.

(You WILL be dissatisfied, that is part of your karma.  But, you need to do it anyway.  I cannot tell YOU what “it” is, but you know yourself.)

XCD: that is both a very good question and a very technical question.  I need a bit of time to address that.  I will tell you that I ordinarily do NOT address the node.

Dean: I do not KNOW the answer and have not (yet) done the astrology.  But, I think your situation is a bit time sensitive.  So, let me say this: you are a VERY good judge of character in these matters.  You, too, have a pretty good idea what the answer is.  If you are truly straddling the fence, then I say “go for it.”  Without doing any astrology, here is why: based on our previous dialogues, I believe you are stuck in some kind of rut or holding pattern.  You need to get back in the saddle, whether it is in the situation described or another.  Just make certain you properly plan everything.  WAIT!  I am talking to a MASTER PLANNER.  You know it, and I do too.  Do your due diligence, take a breath, and (with everything in place) jump into that saddle and ride!

Ginni: Are you the lady from Chicago?  If I charged money, what you are requesting would cost AT LEAST $300, maybe more.  (And, that’s the cheap rates.)  But, I do not charge.  Just realize that your request is very complex.

Now, that said, here is my temporary reply (until I can give you a better one): the central personal issue here is your marriage.  People often focus on a son or daughter as part of a process that (sometimes) can heal a marriage.  To distract yourself, you are spreading yourself very thin, and you will have to let something go.  I know your trick because I do it myself: launch five major projects and kill the three that do not seem to bear much fruit (or bear bitter fruit).  But, the time is coming fast when you must pick one, or at the very most two, and focus on those to the exclusion of the others.

Arguably, marriages are living things.  They require care and maintenance, much as a pet would.  Sometimes they require a “trip to the vet.”  You might need one of these, if you want to keep it.  Only you know whether you want to keep it or not.  If all of your children have left home, and the nest is empty, then the two of you may be ready to part ways.  But, do know that, even if you do stay together, the marriage will have to transform into a new entity if it is to survive.  This is not magic; this is just the life cycle of a family.

So, shop around for a good MFT (that is a “Marriage and Family Therapist,” and find out, FIRST, if THEY are married, how many times, and for how long this time), and take that “trip to the vet.”  (You might also want to find out if they practice “Brief Therapy,” meaning 10 sessions or fewer.)


  1. Wow, Thank you so much. Your commitment to helping is quite inspiring.
    I am searching for a direction to be of service during this saturn transit. A blog sounds interesting…
    Thank you again for sharing your wisdoms and energies.


    • I do hope my suggestions will be helpful. Although we cannot see them from our vantage point, our lives are characterized by growth rings, much as trees have. The Saturn entry into Scorpio marks the beginning of a larger growth ring for many individuals. And, we are also seeing markers of entry of all us into a much larger growth ring.


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