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The Daily Planetary Guide shows “No Exact Aspects” for today, August 14th.  Over the years, I have noticed that some of these days with “No Exact Aspects” were of profound significance, but I could not determine why.  Eventually, I discovered what I believe to the solution.

Higher order aspects, such as quintiles, bi-quintiles, septiles, bi-septiles, tri-septiles, and so forth are ignored by many if not most astrologers and often considered “minor aspects.”  They occur frequently, and their effect does not seem to last long.  But, particularly regarding quintiles and bi-quintiles, they often bring with them a very powerful kind of “problem solving” window or energy.  (Most astrologers speak of “energy” but I tend to think of “windows” of opportunity.)

On a day when the Ptolemaic aspects are absent, these aspects seem to gain more power as they “shine through.”  That is, without any strong Ptolemaic aspects to eclipse them, and hide their influence, they are more clearly seen.  In a sense, they “announce themselves.”  These days are often remarkably powerful windows of opportunity for creative problem solving.  (Maybe Llewelyn should consider identifying these days and the higher order harmonics present, starting with any exact outer planet higher order harmonics and working inward.)

Using one of my favorite tools, PAT, we obtain this chart:

[click to enlarge]

Some of these aspects have already perfected, and several important ones will perfect on August 15th.  In many ways, August 14th is a day to prepare for the events that will culminate in the period between August 15th and the New Moon on the 17th.

I have also used Solar Fire to produce a similar aspect grid, set in Plano and a little after 3am.  Except for the lunar aspects, these will change little in the next 24 hours, and only the Solar aspects will change significantly by the end of the week.  Some of the aspects will fall out of orb and disappear.  Others are “applying” and will perfect, starting on August 15th.  But, mostly, they are in effect until the New Moon on the 17th.

[click to enlarge]

A few of you may be asking what is the different between PAT and Solar Fire.  Well, obviously SF is far more powerful.  But, what other difference?  The answer is that PAT costs about $10 and is an easy way to get started.  If you do that and find that you are truly interested in Astrology, then you might consider spending the $300 or so that Solar Fire costs.  (If you do that, consider the companion tools Solar Maps and Jigsaw.  They are worth it.)

A few will criticize this post claiming that higher order aspects are always in play.  But, we admitted that at the beginning.  What we are saying is this: (1) no day really exists where you have “No Exact Aspects,” (2) on days of supposedly “No Exact Aspects” these higher order aspects become more significant, and (3) often these days of “No Exact Aspects” are actually powerful windows of opportunity for creative problem solving.  (But, implementing the solution should probably come on a later date, in this case August 15th, during the “Cazimi” period of the New Moon on the 17th, or a day or two after the New Moon.  Could be even a day or two after the New Moon.  The 18th looks very “interesting” this year.)

[click to enlarge]

The next few days will be of pivotal importance to certain people.  August 14th will be a day of preparation for most.  The 15th and 16th will be days of action.  Since all of these days fall BEFORE a New Moon, the best use is clearing out the old.  This is a good time to get the junk out of the garage and donated to someone who can use it.  Some of us, of course, will receive the old junk.  Be careful not to throw a Rembrandt or Da Vinci in the trash.  And, this is a very good time for smart shoppers to get great bargains.

I strongly suspect that we will see an announcement of great importance nationally or even globally in the next few days.


  1. This was a very useful and interesting post . Both from points made and info contained. Better than usual as relevant to all and very clear . Thank you ! 🙂

    I would like to point out , however, that today the Sun is Sesquiquadrate Pluto .
    @ 15:41 GMT …. I have found sesquiquadrates ( 135 deg for readers ) to be powerful tense alignments and suggest you note them as well .


    • Although I did not make it explicit in this particular post, I do also examine semi-squares, sesquiquadrates, and inconjuncts (quincunxes). I agree that they are important. In this particular article, however, I wanted to focus on the window of opportunity. But, you are right, the sesquiquadrate is an important aspect as well. It was just not the focus of the article.

      If you are particularly interested in sesquiquadrates, feel free to click the “sesquiquadrate” tag in the tag cloud in the right-hand column.

      However, regarding this article, I did make a rather profound error. I double-checked the Daily Planetary Guide and discovered that it said “No major aspects.” So, an important part of the premise of the article is in error. The DPG said “No major aspects,” and that is quite true. And, it is a different comment from “No exact aspects.”

      The larger point (that aspects such as sesquiquadrates and bi-quintiles are important, particularly on days with “No major aspects”) still remains intact.

      If you would like to know more about how my analysis is conducted, you might want to read some of the other pages on the site, such as the Prometheus article and the Generational Planets article. By the way, you said “Better than usual….” How long have you been reading this blog?

      We note that the PAT manual states “[w]hen the angular separation of two planets (that is, the difference in their longitudes) is close to 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150° or 180° then the planets are said to form an aspect.” So, PAT does not address quintiles, bi-quintiles, semi-squares, or sesquiquadrates.

      For a $10 software, PAT is remarkably powerful, but to justify the developer addressing more advanced features, the price would have to rise significantly, possibly to the $300 level of Solar Fire.


    • Allen Edwall’s excellent program SE_Aspectarian was used to generate the following list of sesquiquadrates (none to Moon or Ascendant) for the remainder of the year. November and December are particularly difficult this year.

      Note: except as noted, no other transits or patterns are taken into account in this analysis. Other transits and patterns may have profound interactions with these aspects, but (as of this writing) those effects have not yet been explored here on this blog.

      27-Aug-12 Venus 135 Chiron
      Venus (romance, finances) urges that issues of old wounds be addressed; could be related to education; a time to be wary of potential violence at educational institutions. Teachers are advised to halt bullies at this time. Nip it in the bud, and no one will get hurt. Neglect (“let’s wait and see”) is deadly here.

      30-Aug-12 Sun 135 Jupiter
      A sudden urge hits to spend money, possibly too much money. Avoid unnecessary expenditures. Leave the credit cards at home and budget your expenses. Students make, or fail to make, the foundation they will need for the remainder of the term.

      4-Sep-12 Mercury 135 Jupiter
      A followup from the previous aspect; a bit of chatter about the expenditures and possibly more money spent. Leave the credit cards at home and budget your expenses. Higher education may be in the news.

      This is a very good time for writers to either create new works or seek publication. Important projects come due for some. First exams tell the tale on or near this date.

      22-Sep-12 Mars 135 Uranus
      This is a very dangerous aspect. Violence meets accidents and surprises. Can “get things done” if violence is avoided; if the bullies were not halted on Aug 27th then things might go “bang” on this date.

      9-Oct-12 Venus 135 Jupiter
      This is a happy aspect for most. If he has been holding out, this is the day to push him to “pop the question.” (if you are a guy, then hide.) Saturn has just entered Scorpio, so “things” may not be as perky as they otherwise could be. A few “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” type romances emerge from this.

      19-Oct-12 Mercury 135 Uranus
      A day when brilliant ideas will not be held back. And, “expect the unexpected.” Surprises abound & electronics go haywire. Greatly magnifies the effect of upcoming Mercury retrograde. Solve problems today if at all possible. Avoid “band-aid fixes.” Do it right the first time.

      9-Nov-12 Mars 135 Mars
      Refer to Sept 22. One violent person annoys another and a fight ensures. The Scorpio Sun says a “secret war” may erupt. Avoid violence, threats, or even rude gestures in traffic. This is a very good day to stay home.

      11-Nov-12 Sun 135 Uranus
      Refer to Oct 19th. More surpises, and maybe followup surprises from Oct 19th. Might feel the effect the day before (11/11). Can you stay home today, also?

      20-Nov-12 Mars 135 Pluto
      Refer to Sept 22 and Nov 9. Arguably, this may be the most dangerous of all. Do not trust a new person met on this date. People who did not erupt on Sept 22nd or Nov 9th explode now. Did you stop the bullies in time? This is a very good day to stay home. Avoid crowds.

      22-Nov-12 Mercury 135 Uranus
      Mercury Rx version of Oct 19th. See, also Nov 11th. Things (electronics, transportation) get very messy. Did you fix it right the first time? Or, did you apply a “band-aid fix”?

      1-Dec-12 Mercury 135 Uranus
      Mercury Direct followup to Nov 22nd. Some things might get finally get fixed “right.” But, failing to do things right a third time amplifies the damage next time.

      7-Dec-12 Venus 135 Uranus
      Kinky sex and weird relationship for some. A very good day if you are GLBT, maybe the best of the year. This can be a very exciting day for some, but do not expect it to last. Take pictures (unless you are afraid of being blackmailed). If you are single and think you see that special someone in the crowd, then you must “go for it.” Otherwise, you’ll never see them again. Financial markets may become “interesting.” Computer based trading goes haywire (again).

      15-Dec-12 Sun 135 Mars
      Milder version of Nov 9th and Nov 20th. Can be a good day to get things done if violence is avoided. Can be an excellent day if you are an athlete, but weekend warriors tend to injure themselves due to over-exertion.

      22-Dec-12 Mars 135 Saturn
      Seems like it is super powerful and will last forever, but it will be gone in a year or (much) less. Some people act like Nazi’s and perpetrate horrible things on others. But, they will eventually face the consequences of their actions. Avoid any involvement in “intimidation dramas” if at all possible.

      23-Dec-12 Sun 135 Pluto
      Similar to Dec 15th and might be a followup. Power struggles are likely. Sadly, this, yesterday’s aspect, and the following aspect taint the holiday season for many. Particularly important to avoid “last minute shopping” this year.

      27-Dec-12 Mercury 135 Mars
      People speak words they deeply regret later. Great for (some) lawyers and other advocates. Clear winners & losers. Some family relationships are unrecoverably and irrevocably damaged. Traffic accidents and fights break out for no meaningful reason. Avoid crowds; they are dangerous now.


  2. – incidently can you say where the chart is raised for ? uk / usa/ ? and exact time ?


    • Two answers apply here:

      (1) My charts (typically cast in Solar Fire, Astrolog, or several other tools) are all set in Plano, Texas, USA. This is because I reside there. I’ve written elsewhere that the cultural millieu of the analyst is inextricably woven into any analysis. For this reason, I typically choose where I live even over known locations of events. (Of course, natal charts have to be set where the birth occurred.) If the chart is post hoc (after the event), I will often use the time I learned of it rather than the time of the event for the same reason. As you may know, this is a common practice in Horary analysis (the time of the arrival of the question rather than the actual time of the event, if there was one).

      (2) PAT is different. For world events, the designer built it where time of day and place are mostly irrelevant. While this is not perfectly true (PAT can be set for different times of day), I use it in the way intended (or at least as I understand it). The designer of PAT and I have discussed the matter several times. He and I have similar, but not identical, views of patterns. For the purposes of this blog, they are similar enough. (My understanding is that the developer of PAT follows a particular school, whereas I am an eclectic that pulls pieces from many sources. But, in many ways, our approaches are either identical or essentially the same.) If I have this in error, I encourage him to contact me for clarification.


  3. My Planetary Aspects and Transits software was written to study what the title says. Aspects and transits are independent of Earth location, so no specification of place is needed. They do not change significantly during 24 hours except in the case of a transiting Moon, which moves at approximately one half degree per hour. Thus for all aspects made by transiting planets to natal planets (that is, ‘personal transits’) time-of-day is irrelevant except in the case of the transiting Moon.

    This software was inspired by reading Richard Tarnas’s book “Cosmos & Psyche”, which is all about world and personal transits. He gives little attention to signs, and none to houses, and the software follows him in this respect. Thus nothing is said regarding the ascendant. The Moon is not ignored, as can be seen by downloading a trial version of the software.

    BTW, the $10 price for PAT is not correct. The price for a single-user license is $7.45 for a 3-month user license, $14.95 for a 1-year license and $29.95 for a perpetual user license. These prices are the same for my second program, Your Planetary Transits. Perpetual user licenses for both together can be purchased as a combo for $44.90 — indeed significantly less than Solar Fire’s $300.


    • I have just released a new version, 18.09, which has several improvements. Previous purchasers of a user license can update to this (at no charge) by downloading the trial version here. The program now detects 5-stelliums. I believe the next one runs from June 7 to June 22, 2032, and is formed by the Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. The average minimum pairwise separation among these five planets is 3°20′, which is reached on June 14.


  4. This is a 2nd test of uploading a PAT image (I got the URL wrong in the 1st). This is the world (a.k.a. mundane) aspects for August 18, 2012, 09:00 CDT:
    PAT Chart for August 18th
    It shows a Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square. Also a nice right-angled triangle formed by the Sun, Neptune and Mars/Saturn (don’t know if there’s a name for that aspect pattern).


    • The right-angled triangle formed by Sun, Neptune and Mars/Saturn looks like a Huber Triangle. This creates a type of “learning” pattern related to events that occur on this date. I also see what appears to be a trapezoid made of Moon / Mercury / Uranus / Pluto.


      • The PAT software allows you to select colors for the aspect lines. The following image is the same as one one above, but with colors set a la Huber, thus conjunction, opposition, square in red, trine, sextile and semisextile in green, all else in blue.

        Huber Chart for Aug 18th


      • Wow! That’s pretty impressive. The trapezoid just leaps out!


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