Megan’s First Saturn Return

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Reader Megan writes

I’m new to astrology and your blog, LOVE it! This month, my chart looks like a boobie-trap, so thanks for the heads up! I’m in the middle of my 1st Saturn return, with Scorp Sun AND Venus, both at 9degrees, both in the 10th house. Any astro clarity=good.

We use Astrolog 5.4 for this chart and see that she has recently (the past year) had transiting Saturn touch the place of her natal Saturn:

[click to enlarge]

Megan is a Scorpio with the Signs of Capricorn and Cancer intercepted by the 1st and 7th houses, respectively.  She has almost all of her planets in the 10th through 1st houses, with the notable exception of her lone 5th house Moon in Taurus.  She was born roughly a day after the Full Moon, and her Moon is conjunct Algol.  Mercury is located in the fated 29th degree of Libra.  Saturn will soon touch her Mercury, and she will need to focus on “getting the details right” is she is not already doing so.

Having the Moon conjunct Algol gives her a clear cut choice in life: she either takes the very highest of the high road or the lowest of the low road.  She could easily be a “party girl” and is at risk for engaging in a career that is criminal in nature.  She will be attracted to work such as “collections” where she takes money from others.

But, she is capable of saintly occupations, such as being the nurse that “makes the difference” (saving people’s lives).  Which direction she heads is entirely her choice, but the things she says (and that people say to her, if her temper is in play) tend to “seal her fate.”  She must learn to watch her words (as well as the words of others).

We note that she has Moon conjunct Chiron.  This gives her a powerful potential to be a healer, a teacher, or both.  When she is wounded she feels it far more deeply than others.  She is so profoundly Scorpionic that the temptation for revenge can be too much.  (Does she watch the television show of that name?)

We hope she takes the “high road.”  That is never easy, but the “low road” for her is the scariest possible scenario, because she has so much more potential than most other people to go either “low” or “high.”




  1. There is much here that I don’t understand, but what I do recognize is astoundingly accurate. Thank you. I’ve lived acutely aware of polarities within and around myself – high roads, low roads, healing or hurting, there’s hardly a personal neutral zone.


  2. The inclination toward revenge is a dynamic the significance of which I’m just now beginning to grasp. I don’t have a criminal history (just a few traffic violations :P) but I am guilty of using words to bitter ends. Right now I feel a pull toward change.


    • The standard astrological advice these days is to not engage in revenge, avoid the karma, etc. Actually, you have to decide what lessons you want to learn. While I am not advocating for “revenge,” sometimes the world does need justice. What is the difference between the two? Are they different? One question to ask is “what would a neutral authority do?” Even better yet, can you hand it off to a neutral authority. For example, if someone is a stalker or extortionist, could a detective followup on them?

      In the end, only you can decide. But, do map out the consequences beforehand, and learn from the lessons afterwards. And, recall that deciding “not to decide” is a decision itself.


  3. I see how and where I’ve limited myself (and others!)with Scorpionic agenda, and it cuts to the core of me to know that I fall prey to those tendencies. I have also just as far worked to *help* others. How might Saturn reflect what changes I need to make?


    • Saturn will touch your sequence of planets in Scorpio over, roughly, the next 2 to 3 years. Saturn achieves results by removal. It sculpts the marble with a hammer an chisel and leaves (or attempts to leave) only the most essential. You are probably a fairly focused individual to being with, but you will become more focused. You will either become more focused or you will “feel” the effects of Saturn. Saturn will make you more business-like. If you do not have a budget, you will probably feel the need for one some time soon. A smart idea would be to start one now. Consider a book or two from the library about the topic of budgets and personal finances. This is also a good time, once you have the budget in place, to save for one very specific (and very practical) goal.


  4. I thought I should mention, as far as career is concerned, I work in arts as a caster/mold maker, faux finisher, kind of a jack of all trades in the studio. I’m also a musician and working on an ep with my boyfriend of almost 4 years. Art therapy calls..


    • Art therapy as a career is a good one for you. Your Taurus Moon can use that as a pressure relief valve.

      All you describe sounds like good decision making. (But, only you really know whether that is true or not.)


  5. Well, I’ve never had a stalker that I know of, no extortionists taking my money, but if I did, I’d let a professional take care of it. The ‘revenge’ I get caught up in is in grudges and acting cold when I’ve got one. But it hurts, and i can do better.


    • Though we have never met except in anonymous communication via the Internet, what you say is a relief. We are all human and have our moments. Some of us have stronger moments than others. You may experience profoundly strong feelings.

      You have your Moon at 25 Taurus, which means it is conjunct Algol. I wrote a piece on Moon conjuct Algol in 2010. That aspect was associated with a series of disasters that culminated in the BP oil spill later that summer.

      Algol is considered the most malefic of all of the fixed stars. The story goes that sacred virgins of a high temple were defiled and murdered to produce the gorgons. One of them, Medusa, had an appearance that was so horrible that, even after her death, merely looking at her head could turn someone to stone. The name “Algol” is an Arabic name for Medusa, Al Gol (“the ghoul”).

      Interpretatively, anyone with a planet or point at 25 of a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius) has an interaction with Algol (although Algol actually “moves” due to an error in our calendar). Older astrological interpretations omit this idea that you have a choice between the two and label anyone with a planet at 25 fixed as “evil.” But, that creates a rather nasty self-fulfilling prophecy consequent to an unpleasant lack of choice. (Some have written, persuasively, that these astrologers did this to manipulate and control certain people.)

      What really happens is that a planet at this point gives someone a profound life choice: follow the sacred or profane (with nothing in the middle).

      The Moon is the dominant planet of our internal life. Often, it is how we see ourselves. Apparently, some astrologers long ago (medieval) considered the Moon more important than the Sun. From that way of doing astrology, you would be a “Taurus” rather than a “Scorpio.”

      Your chart differs from many others, however. In addition to all just described, you have Chiron in the middle of your moon. It is more than “conjunct.” The Moon is rather large, as far as objects in the sky go, and you have Chiron at the center. This means you cannot avoid facing the questions and issues of the “wounded healer.” Unlike the vast majority of others, you are in a unique position to feel the pain of others. And, you are in a position to heal your own pain by helping others.

      So, for you, it is extremely important to “take the high road.” If you have been a massage therapist, worked with autistic children, and are considering music therapy as a career, then you are (probably) taking the high road. This all sounds like following the path that this conjunction of Chiron/Moon would offer. Perhaps if you were to read stories about Chiron and the Chiron mythology you would find it to be helpful.

      By the way, Taurus is associated with music, so it sounds as if you are on the right track.


  6. When I was in my early 20’s,I worked as a massage therapist and later, as a behavioral therapist for children with autism. Healing professions & the arts/music are my passions, as are my loved ones, who only catch glimpses of how low I can go emotionally.


    • I think those professions provide a great foundation for your growth. You are young enough that you can build them into a career or business. Music therapy sounds like a brilliant idea. With the information that I have available (just the chart info through the internet), I encourage you to pursue that if you hear it calling. You may also want to study the mythology of Chiron, the wounded healer.

      Just curious, do you play musical instruments?


  7. I do get hit pretty hard with the pain of others, and the BP oil spill is a good example. I was in college then, and it permeated my life – in Speech, English classes, Psych. I wrote BP, protested, cried, lost sleep. It was too much! I felt powerless.


    • This would make sense. We are entering another similar period. The upcoming New Moon will be close to the square of Algol. For all practical purposes, it will square Algol. Don’t be surprised if you somehow feel this August 16 / 17 / 18. If I were you, I would prepare now. How? Clean out any old stuff you do not need any more. Chances are good that, after this New Moon, your life will become very busy. You need to shed as much old baggage as you can between now and then. You will be grateful, later, that you did.

      And, just as the 2010 New Moon presaged a series of disasters culminating in the BP Spill, this coming New Moon has the same potential. As to when this period will “end,” that is difficult to predict. Here are a few possibilities: Autumnal Equinox in September, entry of Saturn into Scorpio on October 6th, entry of the Sun into Sagittarius, and (of course) the Winters Solstice of 2012. So, buckle up.


  8. It was the same with behavioral therapy. When a child would regress significantly, or when (rarely) parents couldn’t be counted on to fully dedicate themselves to the program, and I couldn’t remedy it, I lost sleep. Eventually, I just had to walk away.


    • Have you taken time to write down your experiences? How about writing down what you learned? Could you teach someone else how to do your job? If you take the time to write a “manual” about how to do what you did, you might find that certain insights about yourself would emerge.

      And, have you read “Don’t Shoot the Dog” by Karen Pryor? Given your experience, you might find dog training to be an excellent outlet or even second income that suits you. Sounds as if this might be a very good match for you. Once you start working with the pups, your need for wounded boyfriends might cease. Is that something you would consider?


  9. It’s strange to know that the BP spill and my response to it are directly related to the influence of Algol/moon/Chiron. It seems to follow, there may be a correlation between this &my attracting ‘wounded’ bf’s who need healing, whose pain I just take on.


    • Some people never graduate from taking in strays. I am familiar with the problem myself. With your Chiron/Moon combo, you may not yourself. But, you can greatly improve your life by strictly treating the wounded in the role of a professional (Music Therapist or other allied health) and by reducing or eliminating them in your personal life. I am absolutely certain that this transformation can be accomplished.

      Speaking of which, this Moon / Chiron / Algol combo can lead to other (favorable) things. You may have the gift of being an astrologer yourself. You can blog not only to express yourself but also to help others. You may even combine the two. But, if you do, you should consider being anonymous. That keeps your ego out of it and also puts a halt to certain kinds of drama.


  10. I will definitely start doing homework on Chiron and figure out where its work has been in my life. Thank you so much for the stories (about Algol; sci-fi-semi-nerd here), suggestions, and also for the encouragement. You guys are doing good work.


    • Thank you for your encouragement. Over 70,000 people have visited this blog in the few years it has been up. Only a handful, including you, have ever said Thank You. Much appreciated!


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