Evie’s First Saturn Return

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Reader Evie asks:

HI, I will be going through my 1st Saturn Return in October, but I feel like I’m already starting to feel it now. . Is that normal?

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Here is the natal chart for Evie:

We see immediately that she is a Solar Aries with a Cancerian Moon.  We suspect that she is a strong person; the leadership of her Aries Sun both augmented and trumphed by her Cancerian Moon.  She is a leader (or has great capacity to be one), but sometimes she seems whimsical to those who surround her and follow her.

Saturn’s entry into Scorpio will produce a conjunction of transiting Saturn to natal Pluto.  No doubt about it, this will bring a shakeup that sets the stage for the conjunction of transiting Saturn with natal Saturn, the Saturn Return.  Saturn will also oppose Venus and inconjunct Pallas at this time, activating a triangle present in the natal chart.

Homework for Evie is to research Huber, “Learning Triangles,” and the nature of these three planets (Saturn, Venus, & Pallas) and the types of lessons wait for her.



  1. My sweetie’s time and location are around 4:00pm and in Beirut, Lebanon. .

    Thank you for the natal chart. This was really helpful. I have never heard of triangles in astrology, but I will definitely research Huber. And you are so right on about other people thinking I’m a bit too whimsical at times. It takes a lot of work to keep my energy grounded.:)


    • Whimsical is not necessarily a weakness, just a quality. Working on being ground sounds like a brilliant strategy for addressing this quality. You probably already understand that being whimsical can save you as well. The small still voice within expresses itself in a way that others perceive to be whimsical.

      The Learning Triangle is very important for you. At least one aspect of this is that it identifies a special type of drama for you. Specifically, you will counter-balance Saturn and Venus. Sometimes this leaves your love life, or your finances, or both, a bit austere. And, that might be the end of it.

      In your case, an asteroid is particularly important. This asteroid is a symbol of wisdom and effort. You can, and do, outperform competitors through wisdom and effort.


  2. Can you still do a karmic chart for me and my guy when you get a chance? You are really gifted when it comes to explaining and understanding astrology. I hope you can turn this in to a profitable career someday.


    • Also, are the triangles in my chart considered a grand trine?


      • No, the Triangle are something different. Grand Trines are the most stable pattern. They have the upside of being able to produce great things if the needed effort is applied. They have the downside of causing profound laziness. Grand water trines, for example, can bring significant wealth, but people with that aspect usually just want to hang out and “feel good.”

        The Triangles will not let you sit still. When they are activated, they cause you to experience a lesson of some kind. Something comes along that (unlike a Grand Trine) you cannot ignore. You will have to do something, and they bring the opportunity for significant (favorable) personal growth.

        (Thanks for asking that question; I strongly suspect others were wondering.)

        The Karmic charts take quite a bit of work, and I need to devote a few hours to it. Regarding turning pro, I performed an analysis and determined that I could not make enough money doing it. If I had some way to do “anonymous billing” and could remain anonymous, then I might consider it. But, I suspect that is not possible with Paypal. 🙂

        By the way, I have a Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/GrandTrines


      • I am interested in personal reading. How about some amazon gift certificate? I will send it to your email and you can shop there?


      • I am extremely flattered by your offer. But, at this time, I must decline.


      • Make a post with the email address you would like me to use for communication with you. I will respond by email (and delete your post instead of approving it). I will not do a personal reading, but I might answer a few questions that you would rather not have posted on the blog.


  3. Evie

    Same feelings here. I can sometimes feel the darkness just sweeping by my side.
    Its bouncy energy to get out, leave everything behind and find your true side.
    But i doubt if Saturn will be able to accomplish it. This is just my premonition.


  4. Hi GT,
    I was wondering if you were still going to do the karmic chart I asked you about in august? Could you possibly email the chart whenever you get around to doing it? thanks and Happy Holidays:)
    My birthdate is 3/23/83(8:59 am Yuma, Az)
    My guy’s birthdate in 11/20/1964(4:00pm Beirut, Lebanon)



    • Actually it’s 1965. . . oops:)


    • It will be a new post, and I will be using Solar Fire instead of Astrolog. I’ve double checked all the data for your chart, but SF still has a radically different ascendant for you. I am not certain which one is “right,” but I am going to guess that SF is.


      • GT, thank for getting back to me so soon. . . My guys birth year is actually 1965 instead of 1964. Was re-reading the last chart you did for me in august about my return and you were right. . . Saturn returns are no joke. The saturn opposing venus transit I’m in is SERIOUS. I still can’t find any info on the triangle you mentioned in my chart, but I’m excited to see the karmic chart and thank you for doing it for free.:)


      • Well, I will re-do the analysis for 1965. The results are a bit different.


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