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eltanu asks the following:
Submitted on 2012/08/01 at 6:36 pm

Hi. I’m born 9/July/84 (06:27 a.m) . Sun – Cancer, Moon – Scorpio, Saturn Scorpio. I’m very worried with what i’m reading about saturn’s return to scorpio. I just want to double check, how would it affect me? (favourable?/unfavourable?) and is saturn’s impact explicitly with job and finances or does it include family?

We start this session with the Moon having just risen and now in the 12th house.  Neptune is in the 1st house.  Some confusion can occur, and we do not have a time zone to use to build the houses.  (A location would be even better and is essential if important planets are near house cusps.)  Since we focus primarily on transits and patterns, we will proceed.  (We also note that the Aquarian Moon is full in relation to the Leo Sun on the date of this analysis.)

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We are using Allen Edwall’s Astro123 to calculate these charts.  We make a first attempt to set the chart in Plano:

[click to enlarge]

We note that eltanu stated that Moon was in Scorpio at birth, but this chart has an early Sagitarian Moon.  We’ll move the chart to London (using the data here: http://www.realestate3d.com/gps/world-latlong.htm) and re-calculate.  We then subtract two hours to move the Moon into (late) Scorpio.  (For a true elution of this chart, we need more precise data.)  We will use this chart and ignore the Moon and houses as much as possible.

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We are left with a chart that has remarkable similarities to XCD.  Because they were born only nine (9) days apart, the outer planet analysis remains (essentially) the same.  Variations would be minor.  Detailed analysis using a correct ascendant and moon should be done with a local astrologer.  Worthy of note, Saturn aspects to Sun, Mercury and Mars will occur later, possibly as much as a year later.  [Come back and visit in 2013.  We can look at those then.]

We will address this question: “…is saturn’s impact explicitly with job and finances or does it include family?”

In a sense, Saturn governs everything.  But worthy of note is the fact that a single day of the Moon’s movement in its 28 day cycle is equivalent to a year of movement of Saturn in its 28 year cycle.  The Moon is associated with family; Saturn is associated with career and finance.  They are tied, as are all the planets.  And, so it is with career and family: they are inextricably linked.

Update 2012-08-02  Based on the new information you provided, here is the basic Solar Fire chart:

[click to enlarge]


I like to provide the “basic” chart because it is large and easy to read.  Here is the “Beginners Chart” which you may find useful if you are trying to learn astrology:


We see from this that your Moon is in the 28th degree, a “fated” degree.  This means that you sometimes are not in control of your life.  Even when you believe you are in control, some underlying compulsion or influence from your environment (such as your peers) is driving you.  Since you have a Scorpio Moon, and like to be in “control,” this drives you a bit crazy.  Your Moon trines Mercury and Venus and the midpoint between them.  This is beneficial.

Your friends think you are fun, but a fair number of people do not.

Mercury squares Saturn and Pluto, the two planets most associated with authority and power struggles.  And, it trines Uranus.  You do have some very good ideas, perhaps genius level sometimes, but you present them in a way that causes people in positions of authority to oppose you.  You could be a very good revolutionary but would be in danger of becoming a dictator.

Venus is sesquiquadrate Uranus (that is a bit kinky) and square Pluto.  Let’s face it, you really need to hide your sexual appetites.  Not everyone understands.

You are feeling your Saturn return now, even though it will not likely happen until 2013.   The deal really is not the Saturn return; the deal is the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  Transiting Saturn will conjunct Natal Pluto (and therefore also square Venus).  In fact, the entire Venus / Pluto / Uranus connection is lighting up.  Chances are that you will have to make a decision, and the decision is this: do you want to go public with it?

Based on the Modulus strip (chart below, upper right hand box), I see that Moon, Neptune, and Pluto have been highly activated.  You have been working hard to keep the secret, but it is probably going to get out anyway (Neptune).

Obviously, whatever “it” is, “it” is a sensitive matter.  So, I will stop here unless you want me to perform a more in depth analysis.  Here is your chart in Horary format.  (As if you were the answer to a question being asked.)

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  1. I thought I did share precise information. I was born in a city called Abu Dhabi in The UAE. Time of birth is 06:27. My birth chart is Sun Cancer 17.04 Ascendant Cancer 26.20
    Moon Scorpio 28.32 II Leo 20.27
    Mercury Leo 4.15 III Virgo 18.05
    Venus Cancer 23.27 IV Libra 19.52
    Mars Scorpio 14.05 V Scorpio 23.39
    Jupiter Capricorn 6.53 R VI Sagittarius 26.11
    Saturn Scorpio 9.43 R VII Capricorn 26.20
    Uranus Sagittarius 10.10 R VIII Aquarius 20.27
    Neptune Sagittarius 29.35 R IX Pisces 18.05
    Pluto Libra 29.19 Midheaven Aries 19.52
    Lilith Pisces 23.26 XI Taurus 23.39
    Asc node Gemini 5.59 XII Gemini 26.11

    I hope that helps.


    • I have performed a detailed analysis. Let me know if you have other questions.


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