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Reader XCD posted the following comment in Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception):

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 6:13 am

I am born on July 18th 1984 with Libra rising and Pluto at 29 degrees, But also Saturn 9degrees and Mars(16 degree) in First house.

My Venus is squared by Saturn and Pluto 

For no fault of my own (At least I am assuming) I am unconsciously carrying lot of past relationship, Will it be supportive when Saturn moves into Scorpio? to be able to fully throw my past? Can you please tell me what it it that i need to work on?
I never had a relationship until Saturn Entered Libra and broke up in 2010.

We will refer to XCD as the “querent” (seeker) at later times in this analysis.

We begin with charts produced by Allen Edwall’s AstroWin and “Astrolog 5.4.”

[click to enlarge]

This first chart is produced by Astrolog and is offered for the convenience of any who wish to examine Transneptunians and other detail.

Here is the same data charted by AstroWin:


[click to enlarge]

We are setting the chart in Plano with a time chosen close to noon.  This particular chart has Moon at 29 Pisces and the individual in question may have an Aries moon.  [Edit: We have since learned that querent XCD has an earlier Pisces moon.]  However, absent that information we use this Moon which is in aspect with the natal Pluto.  Additionally, we will avoid discussing the natal moon.

[XCD has since offered this improved, more accurate, and more legible version.]

XCD (the querent) complains of not having had a relationship (we presume this means a long term romance) until recently, and that one has now dissolved.  Further, XCD wants to know what to do differently.

Although we will not cast a horary chart, we note that the question arrived as moon void of course was beginning and this analysis is being conducted during a void.  Therefore, chances are good that the answers will be “wrong” and clarification from XCD (particularly with regard to birth time to more clearly locate the Moon) may be necessary.

The first house is highly activated and populated by Pluto, Saturn, and Mars.  Pluto is at 29 degrees Libra; the last three degrees of any sign are often called “fated” degrees (or similar names).  In a sense, this individual has powerful “karma” to work through to move the planet in question to the next sign.  And, in this case, the planet is Pluto.

Combined with the other planets in the first house, we see indicators that this individual is often involved in powerful power struggles.  If the Moon is indeed Piscean in the last degree of that sign, then it The Piscean Moon is in trine with Pluto and another planet in a “fated” degree.  We see a grand water trine in this chart.  The individual in question is capable of generating wealth, and may be able to generate great wealth, depending on their willingness to work and “do what it takes.”  (But, grand trines can also be lazy.)

This individual may have involvement in death and dying.  If not criminal, then we might expect involvement in a funeral home, hospice care, or some type of institution such as a nursing home.  Alternatively, the involvement may be with liquids, ranging from the oil industry to liquor sales.  Addiction could be a problem.

We also note that Neptune is also located in the final degree of Sagittarius.  Neptune can be related to deception, and the final degree of Sagittarius is also related to deception.  We expect powerful  challenges for this individual.  But, what about when Saturn moves into Scorpio?

[click to enlarge]

Mercury and Saturn conjoin the Natal Pluto.  Mercury combined with Saturn creates a high degree of focus.  If XCD makes the mistake of engaging in criminal or other deceitful activities, then they may be discovered at this time, particularly with Neptune in trine and Mars semi-sextile.  On the other hand, if XCD is being victimized, then a chance for justice exists at this time.  This would be the time to co-operate with the police.

The querent asked about romance, but we are seeing an entirely different set of questions and answers for this querent.  Venus is trine Jupiter, and that bodes well for relationships.  But, bigger issues are playing out.  How they play out depends on XCD’s past choices.  As stated elsewhere on this blog, the coming series of aspects are challenging, and the justice that results will depend upon the choices we make.

We would like feedback from XCD.  Given that this analysis is being done in a v/c Scorpio Moon, it is subject to revision.  [And we have done some of the subsequent revision in the originally thread of comments located at Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception).]


  1. http://imgur.com/nUbeJ


  2. Thank you very much for the analysis. I have attached my actual chart from Astro.com in the above link. Hence it gives a more clearer picture here.


    • Each of us has a predictable annual pattern of solar transits that occur on the same day each year unless set off by a leap year or calendar aspects related to leap years. That is, the position of the sun is the same for each of us, relative to our natal chart, except when a leap year adjustment is made or due. In those years, the position changes by a day. So, the solar energy is the same for us each August 10th, except for some years it might come on the 9th or the 11th. Intuitively, we become accustomed to our pattern, and it becomes, ultimately, invisible to us.

      That said, you recently experienced your “Solar Return.” The SR is your REAL birthday. (Calendars float due to leap year adjustments.) What I have done is calculated your solar aspects from the end of June this year to September 1st. As “homework,” to begin digging out of this difficult pattern you are working with, please take the list of aspects shown below and, to the best of your ability, identify relevant events that happened on these dates.

      Once you have done this, you will want to do the same for previous years. Although some astrologers do not believe in “good” or “bad” events, I suggest that you and I do. And, we can identify “bad” days that require more thought and caution than others. These are squares, generally, but also sesquiquadrates (135) and quincunxes (150). Semi-squares (45) are much like squares (90) and sesquiquadrates (135). If you have planned well, sometimes the irritants of these days can spur you to take necessary action.

      We also have opportunities: trines (120). We often let opportunities slip by on these feel good days, so we have to watch for those, too. Qunitiles (72) and Biquintiles (144) are excellent days to generate creative solutions to problems.

      Conjunctions (0) are extremely important because they mark the beginning of a new cycle. Often these are times when you can let go of something old and pick up something new. You have Sun Conjunct Venus tomorrow, and if you desire to meet someone new then that day, and the next two, would be good days for you to “circulate.” Just be careful where you pick to go. You’ll get one kind of girlfriend from the country club and a different kind from the jail. And the Sun/Jupiter Quincunx that follows says that you have a pattern of getting your hopes too high too quickly. Maybe you best look for a friend rather than a lover.

      My experience has been that some bullets cannot be dodged, but the method described here has been very useful. It is part of a larger system I developed and have named “SUMO.” (The Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles.)

      The following list was calculated for you by means of Allen Edwall’s excellent program TNA_db. If you are sufficiently enterprising, you might want to download it from http://www.astrowin.org/astrology_software.php and use it to map out the Solar aspects for the full year. Having done this, you can have advance notice of the patterns of days you encounter, and this can help you regarding your question. Here is the list of your solar aspects, from June 30th to September 1st of this year:

      [The format is date/time, transiting planet (Sun), aspect in degrees, and natal planet.]

      06/30/2012 20:52 Sun 120 Saturn
      07/01/2012 01:30 Sun 150 Uranus
      07/07/2012 08:36 Sun 144 Uranus
      07/08/2012 08:06 Sun 120 Mars
      07/11/2012 16:17 Sun 30 Mercury
      07/11/2012 19:23 Sun 45 True Node
      07/16/2012 19:04 Sun 135 Uranus
      07/18/2012 06:35 Sun 0 Sun
      07/20/2012 09:17 Sun 91 Pluto
      07/21/2012 10:24 Sun 150 Neptune
      07/21/2012 10:25 Sun 90 Pluto
      07/22/2012 11:33 Sun 89 Pluto
      07/22/2012 16:18 Sun 120 Moon
      07/27/2012 17:08 Sun 144 Neptune
      07/27/2012 18:11 Sun 0 Venus
      07/28/2012 02:47 Sun 150 Jupiter
      07/31/2012 06:10 Sun 91 Saturn
      08/01/2012 07:16 Sun 90 Saturn
      08/01/2012 11:53 Sun 120 Uranus
      08/02/2012 08:21 Sun 89 Saturn
      08/03/2012 09:22 Sun 144 Jupiter
      08/06/2012 02:57 Sun 135 Neptune
      08/07/2012 08:45 Sun 135 Moon
      08/07/2012 16:39 Sun 91 Mars
      08/08/2012 17:41 Sun 90 Mars
      08/09/2012 01:24 Sun 72 True Node
      08/09/2012 06:06 Sun 72 Pluto
      08/09/2012 18:43 Sun 89 Mars
      08/12/2012 01:22 Sun 0 Mercury
      08/12/2012 18:43 Sun 135 Jupiter
      08/16/2012 17:44 Sun 144 Moon
      08/18/2012 14:29 Sun 30 Sun
      08/20/2012 01:28 Sun 72 Saturn
      08/21/2012 17:39 Sun 120 Neptune
      08/22/2012 23:17 Sun 150 Moon
      08/26/2012 17:26 Sun 89 True Node
      08/27/2012 10:38 Sun 72 Mars
      08/27/2012 18:17 Sun 90 True Node
      08/27/2012 23:58 Sun 30 Venus
      08/28/2012 08:29 Sun 120 Jupiter
      08/28/2012 19:08 Sun 91 True Node
      08/31/2012 15:37 Sun 91 Uranus
      09/01/2012 16:25 Sun 90 Uranus


    • One other thing, your Saturn Return is here. Consider searching for “Saturn Return” and reading about the topic. You may also want to read the Grant Lewi book “Astrology for the Millions,” which is mostly a book about Saturn and Saturn returns.

      Saturn will force you to drop certain old behavior patterns. This transformation may yield what you desire.


  3. Thx grandtrines for your Inputs. Let me give my experience which may help a few other who may have this combination.

    When I was born I was raised by my grand parents, Though my parents are still alive they lived in a small town and it was quite difficult for them to take care of me.

    They say the reason they put me at grannys care is the school was about 14 miles from the village and there was not much of transportation during those days.

    Hence I lived my them for first 10 years and later moved to hostel, when I was able to take care of my self.

    During the first 10 years with then, My grandfather loved me very much.
    It looked like my mom was not really interested in me, She came often to see but would go back to my dads home in the evening. Never had too much chance to spend the time with her during my childhood days. You get it here.

    As I grew up over time the relationship was almost lost with my parents when I was 20.

    Now I am slowly started to build again. After the break up I think I understood the value of abandonment.


    • Your chart shows these challenges. At almost every step you are at risk for choosing the wrong path, so you must consider your options much more carefully than others. You are capable of developing a kind of strength that few others do. You have a Piscean Moon, and this means that you can be far more intuitive than others. But, certain kinds of illusions, and especially those created by alcohol or drugs, can be particularly dangerous temptations for you. Your grand water trine means that you have the potential to rise far above the station you were born into, if you are willing to work for it.

      With your Saturn return at hand, you will be moving into a new phase of your life. This new phase is often characterized by a birth, death, marriage, or divorce. Other crucial transformations can happen also. For example, those with alcohol or drug problems sometimes become sober at this point. Brilliant artists sometimes die at this point (example: Jim Morrison of The Doors).

      You will find that Saturn will remove from you certain things that you no longer need and thus open the door for something new and special. You might have an opportunity to return to school or to start a business. Or maybe you will take your experiences and become a novelist or poet.

      Do still pursue the analysis of your annual solar pattern. If you want astrology to reveal points where you can make changes, then this exercise will prove helpful.

      Feel free to check in and let us know of your adventures.


  4. Thank you grandtrines..

    You were spot on with choosing the wrong path every minute i am faced with challenges. Though i have managed to remain stable at these junctures.

    I have no criminal background :-),Just a very normal soul making a living, But there is a lot of steam inside me. It’s hardly ever let out. I am not sure what eventualities i will be faced with if i ever exhibit them in open.

    I work in Technology sector. and yes you are right i am seriously considering moving abroad for studies and been working on it for past 6 months. Hopefully by Feb or by September next year i should get going.

    When Saturn entered Libra got a pretty good (I started working when i was 20) job and i have learnt to work with others and understood a lot about human behaviors, which predominantly existed but i never knew they did. That was a bit strange for me.

    In any way all relationships are hard for me, I would get very nervous when i would talk to people, My neck would tremble a bit and i would just shy away from people in making connection. Sometimes i am just confident to talk to any one. I can address a group of people easily now . Saturn in Libra for me has boosted my confidence in a very big way and lot of people especially at work tried and are trying to pull me down and at the same time people are supporting me. you can see the checks and balances with Pluto in Libra natally.,and it’s manifestation with Saturn.

    I will try and share my experiences here so i can let my long boiled steam of in relation to this topic

    Thx grandtries for really guiding me through this. I hope some good “Karma” coming your way soon.

    Sending lots of love and admiration.


    • Glad I could be of help. Feel free to ask other questions. From this point forward, I will be checking in less often, probably only once or twice a week. If you look at my posting history, it is mostly April through July of each year. Maybe this year I will make a few August posts. (pun intended)


  5. Just a update . It;s nice i can keep a track of my writings here so i can come back to read about it.
    I know its not my blog 🙂

    I hope grandtrines is ok with this??

    My thoughts keep going back to my ex. No matter what happens i sometimes consciously wish this person good luck with all my forgiveness.

    But somehow i have tried to manage to find a middle ground in my mind, I may not get justice to what happened, I lost loads of my time, thoughts. If i had the same devotion during my college days i would have got better scores.

    It just sucked the life out of me. Or i just sucked it out mu self.

    I just hope these memories soon get their salvation. Period.


    • Some people may be jealous of you. At least that is true here on the blog. I do not have time to do much chart analysis, yet, though I may change my mind later this evening. So, the other five people waiting for charts might have to wait a bit longer.

      That said, Rod Stewart released a hit album in 1971 called “Every Picture Tells a Story.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Every_Picture_Tells_a_Story) But, what might be important for you to know is that every story has a picture. It is the picture that we hold in our head. And, that picture can change. If you pick a single image to represent your experience you may find that you pic one image when you wake up and a different, at least slightly different, image when you go to bed. The image you pick this week may be different from the one you pick next week. And, chances are good that, if you have grown as a person, the image you pick twenty years from now may be radically different.

      Not only that, but the images that others see of this relationship are likely to be different from yours. And, theirs will change over time as well. Most will forget as they move on with their life. The images will only snap back into place when you remind them. Or, if it is all you ever talk about to them, the images will snap back into place the moment you see them. If it is all you ever talk about, then for those people it will become inseparable from you and will define you. This will make it difficult for you to move on with this particular group of people.

      There are other ideas to glean from this experience. You may obsess about this because you have not found anything better. And, you cannot admit the loss to yourself. You are engaging in what some have called “chasing a sunk cost.” To help you understand this better, here are a few links:



      Stated simply, you cannot stand the fact that all that time was “lost” (in terms of your goals). So, what do you do? You spend *MORE* time on what cannot be recovered. That time is forever lost, too. Your life slips away, and you spend it in pain. It is a horrible infliction, and it is self-imposed. Some people describe it as being “stuck.” http://www.lifesystems101.com/stuckness.html

      Your way of seeing this may look like “the Devil” located here: http://www.perpetualrelief.net/prints.html

      As long as you see it that way, you cannot see it this way: lizzieslogic.blogspot.com/2010/08/tarot-myths.html

      When you learn to see it the second way, you will see that the chains around the necks of the lovers are VERY LOOSE, and they can choose to throw them off at any point. But, they must take the necessary action.

      Sometimes we flounder, stuck at a particular point, because we do not have anything in life that can displace that stuck point. But, as you focus on this, your life evaporates. Only you can truly know what can make the shift for you. Maybe it is learning or new language or taking up boxing. Maybe it is learning to paint watercolors or to sculpt stone.

      When I give “homework problems,” it is almost always a tool to help someone become unstuck. However, having watched this for many years, I note that few people actually attempt the homework. My guess is that they somehow know that the stuckness is self-imposed, and they are not ready to give it up, yet. Some people are quite married to their misery.

      We often hear the well-worn advice to “journal about it.” Nobody clarifies what that really means, but sometimes a rare few will say something such as “write about your emotions.” But, what does THAT mean?

      To know where you are, you must understand your pattern. The concept of patterns is the fundamental concept of this site. The site is named after a specific astrological pattern: grand trines. That pattern is considered to generally be benevolent, and it always represents stability. In a sense, most of the time for most people, grand trines are a kind of “safe harbor.” So, to be perfectly clear, if you are to receive help from me, you *MUST* be willing to do the work to ascertain your pattern.

      If you have not done so already, review the list of transits given above, starting with “06/30/2012 20:52 Sun 120 Saturn.” Pretend you are a detective. What would a detective do if you were a victim? What if you were a criminal? How about a witness? Well, the detective would want the facts. And, in most cases, they want a timeline. You have a timeline here, beginning with “06/30/2012 20:52 Sun 120 Saturn.” For each date, gather the facts. Write down what you remember that happened. Gather old receipts and see where you spent your money. Did you work that day? Is there an *IMAGE* associated with that day? How many different images are associated with that day? Does one predominate? Do you have an emotion about that? If so, write it down. Try writing just a single word, maybe one of the classic four “mad, glad, sad, and scared.”


      Or, you could try this rather famous list: http://nvctraining.com/classroom/mod/resource/view.php?id=20

      And, as each day passes between now and “09/01/2012 16:25 Sun 90 Uranus” you need to play detective, too. Repeat the process in a forward moving analysis. Day by day, each day, you will likely get another clue. But, you can only achieve this if you are willing to do the work.

      If you will do this, a pattern will emerge. And, with that pattern, you will have a choice in how you move to the next stage in your life. And, to maximize the effectiveness of this process, you should do it prior to the culmination of the full moon, which is about five (5) hours away. (circa 11pm CST)


      • Thanks grandtrines. I have been observing this pattern and i see this pattern is more associated to the day in the week, Like Saturdays were pretty grounded like a strict mom asking the child to stay home.
        I mean, it was like sticking my ass to ground.

        But that has changed in recent months since Feb or March this year, I am talking in ref to post personal event in August 2010.

        I did a self reflection on your advise in sunken cost and lost aversion – It looked like this is exactly what i was doing the whole year. 😐
        My goodness, Mind can be so tricky not to even realize this.

        The thing about the picture, people and places you mentioned about, i am seeing those situations in a new light, It takes a little bit of courage and it will need a little more time to get used to it A new way is always different and needs time.

        I will play the detective game as you have mentioned and see what pattern will emerge. Rightnow i see a lot of energy and self worthiness in the things i can do. I have postponed my study plans for some time i hope to get serious my December.

        But way back in July 2010 i noticed a horrible medical condition in me , I would bleed when i took a crap(sorry but a medical condition). Is this also related to 12th H Saturn energy crystallizing?

        It was a painful experience i wish no one ever experienced it. Its like shitting granular glass pieces. and it healed very soon but lasted a month.

        But any way from this month i sense i am getting more serious, leading my life and i will await for my Saturn to enter Scorpio.

        It’s homecoming.



      • Congrats on the breakthroughs! As the insights coalesce, more will become visit. Persist in your efforts to overcome the pattern. I do not say this lightly; I practice this in all my affairs.

        I am not a medical astrologer so I hesitate to make a pronouncement. You need to see a physician and have them examine you. The condition could be something as simple and annoying as a hemorrhoid or something as dangerous as an internal GI bleed. You should see a physician quickly about this.

        One last note, cognitive biases (such as “loss aversion”) are inherently sneaky and that is why they are so dangerous. We have to be vigilant for them, and sometimes we need feedback from trusted others. But, becoming aware of “loss aversion” is a major breakthrough. Years ago, before I encountered the term “loss aversion,” I knew SOMEthing like that was happening, and it is typified in the story of the . [This is a kinder, gentler version of what happens when you cannot let go. In the original version, the monkey becomes dinner.]


  6. […] are left with a chart that has remarkable similarities to XCD.  Because they were born only nine (9) days apart, the outer planet analysis remains (essentially) […]


  7. Grandtrines –

    I read that the North nodal axis is moving into Scorpio. That will be my first house.
    Since i am also heading for my Saturn return , Do i to continue doing my Job?
    Or move to university to study? Can you see which country will use my potential?

    Or totally change my nature of work from Information Technology to business or management side?

    I always liked living in Norway.


    • I will answer your questions in a post.


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