The March 28th Double Yod

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Using a new tool, PAT, the following pattern showed in a search (with that tool):

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This looks like another “exciting” period.  Below, I include a table generated by that same software for the planets / aspects associated with that chart.

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This way of seeing the data is a bit different from before, as it delineates short term from long term aspects.  This is another day with quite a bit of potential.  If it is not potential for things that go boom, it is at least potential for DECISIONS that go boom (and have long term repercussions).

The following chart is only local to Plano, but it illustrates just how “interesting” this period is.  In the chart, a grand quintile briefly appears (the ascendant and midheaven are part of the pattern here, so it is ephemeral and probably not applicable to other parts of the planet).  7th order harmonics are also present.  Similar charts probably emerge in other geographies, +/- 24 hours.  (This is a GREAT time for creative problem solving, but the 7th order harmonics hint that some karma may need to be processed.  This is particularly true for the Jupiter/Node BiSeptile.)

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For those of you who like plain English, you may be wondering what all / any of this means.  In simple terms, this Spring has flavorings (so to speak) similar to the mining accidents, BP Oil Spill, and Nuclear Tsunami of the recent past springs.

Regardless of where you live, during the period of these few days, 4p and 10:36p will have a large amount of energy (Thor’s Hammer aspects).  Actually, a number of Thor’s Hammers appear during this period, but those two (22 Leo & 15 Virgo) stand out.

Maybe we will get lucky, and this will simply be a rather intellectually stimulating period.  But, in any case, put your seat belts on and hold tight!

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