Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception)

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For a very long time, about 50% of the traffic for this blog has come from people with questions about Saturn entering Scorpio. That does not happen this year in 2011, but perhaps the time has arrived to begin to address that.  Saturn enters Scorpio October 5, 2012.

[Update September, 2012: For Charts and Maps, click here.]

In many spheres,  the key to finding the correct answer is knowing which question(s) to ask.  In the case of the upcoming transit of Saturn into Scorpio, “What happens when Saturn moves into Scorpio?” is NOT the correct question.  The question looks good, but the answers it gives are messy.

After all, if your interest is 2012 and the anticipated end of the Mayan calendar, you should recall that Saturn has moved into Scorpio approximately every 28 years for many cycles.  The real question is “What makes Saturn’s entry into Scorpio different THIS time?”

The answer is found in the relationship that Saturn enters when it enters Scorpio: it will enter mutual reception with Pluto (in Capricorn).  Think of it this way, “if” the planets can get along, and all “can” to some greater or lesser degree, then each planet in the other planet’s home STRENGTHENS both planets.  Pluto is already in Saturn’s “home,” namely Capricorn.  And, when Saturn enters Scorpio, it will IMMEDIATELY be in mutual reception and this will continue for “about” 2.5 years.  AND, Pluto and Saturn are very “friendly” with each other to begin with.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn was closely related to the economic crash of 2008.  Nobody wanted to talk about that, probably because Pluto stays in a sign for 20 years.  That implied that we will, or “better,” have a period of unparalleled financial conservatism, or we will disintegrate.  By “financial conservatism,” I do not mean that Wall Street continues to behave as they have.  Both they and the government(s) must change.  So must we.  Frankly, the time to ditch the credit cards has arrived.

Pluto is associated with both poisons and medicines, and how you view the elimination of credit cards will be one of the two.  Pluto also represents addictive drugs (along with Neptune).  If you want to heal, then it is not going to be about the latest “cool” herb at the health food store.  It is going to be about eliminating your debt (completely) and building up savings.  To some degree, healing will be about returning to certain old traditional values of small supportive communities and local banks.

Just in case we did not get the message in 2008 (and many of us did not), the entrance of Saturn into Scorpio in 2012 will be another powerful exclamation point.  Expect to see issues with finances to slam us again.  And, since Neptune entered its home recently (something it does only every 160 years), expect many people to go through a powerful withdrawal.  (Along with Pluto, Neptune is about ADDICTION, remember?  In fact, Neptune is MORE about addiction than Pluto.  Being home, that “dark side” of Neptune is very powerful now.)

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, on the Winters Solstice of 2012, Saturn will be at 8 degrees Scorpio and Pluto will be at 8 degrees Capricorn.  The planets will be precisely Sextile, and the mutual reception will be “on steroids.”  They will be part of the Focused Yod that includes both Venus and Jupiter.  Venus and Jupiter represent our saviors.

A healthy Venus is about healthy finance.  My mental image of Venus in this sense is *NOT* “Wall Street.”  Instead, it is a radiant sunny spring day picture of a large family farm in which all is neat and orderly.  No debt is needed, and interdependency with external sources is minimized.  (But it is not saving your retirement money so you can have a vineyard.)

Of course, the farmers must be good neighbors “or else.”  In real life, not everyone in a rural area is a good neighbor, but in my mental image they are and must be.  The image is not one of health for an individual, but for families and communities.  Venus, especially amplified by Jupiter in the teacher role shared with Chiron, is the “earth mother” who nourishes us all back to health.  This is a key metaphor from the focused yod of the Solstice.

As the beautiful lady and the centaur present themselves to save us, we could argue that this event will be the “Lady Godiva” event.

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