2010 Spring Equinox UK & Europe

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[Just in case you are looking for it the Algol Post (Aka the Bad Moon Arisin’ post or Alghoul) is here.]

This Equinox is extraordinarily “lucky” for the UK, Spain, and most of France. With a Jupiter line to the west, and a Uranus line to their east (going directly through France), these countries will have much luck. The peoples there will experience revelations and insights. Government secrets will probably be revealed, but in hindsight it will have been for the best. Neptune in Aquarius brings deceit (and diseases such as H1N1) to the people of the world, but Chiron within a few degrees will fight for the education of the people and therefore for the revelations of deceit that Neptune can provide.)

Terrorists will probably give another try in these regions, but these aspects indicate that they will be discovered (Pisces) and brought to Justice (another aspect of Jupiter). Terrorists, as a category, are people who WANT to be the government, and they will come under as much public scrutiny as the official governments. They may come under more, much more.

Of course, the terrorists who carry out the operations for their puppetmasters will see themselves as martyrs (Pisces), but their attempts this year will force unanticipated (Uranus) revelations (Pisces). More and more “suicide bombers” will be captured alive, and this will lead to the downfall of their puppetmasters. The net result will be the populace in general will become wiser about these things, and a needed transformation will likely come to pass. (The possibility exists that some lives may be lost in this process, but do not be surprised if the terrorists are caught without any loss of life.)

With the Uranus line going through France, France may have a bit of a revolution of some kind. Not an actual revolution, probably, but a major shift in consciousness. The possibility exists that France will come down hard, very hard, on terrorism. They may come down the hardest of anyone yet, even beyond Israel and Germany.)

If you live in France, or visit, take many pictures. Tourism on “safe” days is recommended. One year from now, major changes will have happened, and you will want the photographs and memories.

Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Milan will experience key issues with productivity this year. The same will apply to both Denmark and Norway. The current economic conditions will continue to plague them, and so-called “weak sisters” in the manufacturing sectors will go out of business. Construction might pick up some. Particularly in these key areas, the businesses who survive will become strong global competitors.This particular aspect will leave them very “lean.”

This may apply to Corsica and Sardonis as well. We do not normally think of these last two as manufacturing powerhouses, so perhaps the shipping business will improve for them. Regardless, a window of opportunity for them to improve their position in commerce exists. For all of these areas, from Norway to Sardonis, expect a kind of tough “no nonsense” approach to life to emerge.

Naples, Prague, and Berlin, and to a much lesser degree Rome, will have to wrestle with a Pluto line. This generally affects Sweden as well. In a sense, the problems here are very similar to those faced by China, described below. Potential for financial gain is very good, but these countries need to watch for industrial accidents, particularly those involving toxic wastes or possibly nuclear wastes.

Stockholm may have some very important messages for the rest of us. Solutions for certain kinds of problems are likely to be found there, and even for solutions not found there Stockholm may become a communications center for sharing ideas. The Nobels awarded there this year may be especially important.

Finally, Smolensk and Kiev have a Venus line passing through them. In a word, this could be a very prosperous year for them. Maybe they will get their problems under control and find themselves in a more favorable position in the global community.

Many of you will be celebrating soon, so be careful and have happy celebrations.

2010 Spring Equinox in Asia

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The immediately preceding article on Australia and New Zealand immediately generated traffic from Japan and China. Here is a similar analysis for much of the rest of the Pacific Rim. [Also, if you are looking for the Algol article (A Bad Moon aRisin’), it is two (2) articles down.If you request of map, such as UK or Europe, please let me know by comment.]

Japan: generally is safe compared to other areas. However, northernmost and southernmost parts of Japan have a Nodal Ascendant line passing through them. This is the line of hard karma. It is not necessarily bad, but it means that unfinished business from the past generally needs to be wrapped up to make way for what is next. This does not tend to be a line that kills people, but it can taste like unpleasant cough medicine.

Philippines: the same Nodal Ascendant line that affects Japan affects Manila and the rest of the Philippines. Some very powerful hard karma needs to be worked out here. Until then, everyone is stuck. (So, take the medicine. You know what it is, right?)

China: this analysis cannot cover all of China because the country, and topic, is too large. However, a Pluto Ascendant line passes near both Beijing and Hong Kong. The favorable reading of this is “other people’s money” which means that the financial markets have great potential to profit. Standing nearby to bring their downfall is the presence of toxic substances (such as lead based paint) in manufacturing and problems with environmental pollution from toxins. Wherever this Pluto line is, it can signal great activity by intelligence agencies, assassination particularly by poisoning, and significant issues with secrets. With Jupiter & Uranus in Pisces, certain state secrets may be leaked that China would prefer to remain secret.

Delhi and Bombay are both near the Moon line, which in this chart is malefic. This region of India, along the Moon line, will have increased concerns regarding spillover of terrorism from Pakistan. As important as state security is, India will prosper best if it can preserve its democracy and related civil rights. This can be a very tricky balance under these circumstances.

A Saturn line passes near Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. For Bangkok, this signals increased economic pressure from the global recessing as travel tends to continue to cool off. However, once the recession is over, Bangkok will be left very strong for having eliminated the unnecessary.

Kuala Lumpur is more problematic. They are caught between a Saturn line and a Pluto line, conceivably the worst possible place to be (except on top of Algol). This part of the world, from Kuala Lumpur to Darwin is experiencing, and will continue to experience, great strife. They have a combination of the problems of China (described above) and those of Bangkok. However, if you live here or travel here, you should take pictures of even the most ordinary of things. Transformations are coming, and things will look very different somewhere not too far down the line.

Despite a few dire predictions, the Equinox can be a time to have fun and relax. Please keep your fun safe.

2010 Fall Equinox: Solar Map for Australia and New Zealand

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[If you are looking for the earlier article on Algol, please scroll down if you are on the homepage.]

Readers come to this blog from all parts of this blog. Australia and New Zealand need their own independent Solar Map for the Spring Autumnal Equinox. The chart is interesting, and it expands the perspective of all readers from that of a Northern Hemisphere perspective.

The star of this chart is Canberra. To speak in the vernacular (your astrologer lives in a Dallas suburb), the associated Chiron line is “smack dab on top” of Canberra. Neptune is close by. Here is the map, with more commentary below:

As you can see, Perth and the region Northwest of Darwin, are plagued by a Mars line. Frankly, this looks dangerous. Remember, in the mythology, Mars is the “God of War.” Unrest appears to be likely here.

Most of the East Coast is captured between Neptune and Chiron, with Canberra especially affected. Since Canberra is the capital, some source of confusion may exist here. The combination of these two, Neptune and Chiron, put this part of the world especially at risk for a H1N1 resurgence. However, programs involving the arts (Neptune), education (Chiron), and healthcare (also Chiron) may make great progress this year. Below is the chart of Canberra. (Aspects are not included because, except for the ascendant, they are the same as the chart in the previous article.) Also noteworthy: something involving great luck (possibly oil exploration / drilling?) will hit New Zealand this year, probably in the Southwest tip or just offshore.

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