Weekend of January 30th Dominated by Mercury Direct Station

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What eclipses this weekend (sorry), is the Mercury Direct station. This this station follows so closely after the eclipse is even more of a sign of changes to come.

For many of us, personally, this presents another major turning point in the diet issue. Will we feast or will we famine? If you are fighting this issue, this weekend is an important milestone. You will especially find Saturday frustrating, as your plans to stay on track are upset by Mercury changing directions. As I have written before, keep in mind that if you fall down you can get back up.

But even if you are not fighting the diet fight, you will feel the shift in other ways.

Friday morning starts slowly, but the day becomes more “lively” with a possible power struggle or financial issue in the afternoon.

Friday has a quiet Piscean period which includes a void from about 3am Dallas time (6am UK) until the Moon enters Aries after 9am. Aries Moons tend to bring about activity. And this Moon squares Pluto early, as early Aries Moons will do for the next few years.

Plutonic activity often signifies concerns over taxes. (It is that time of year again, isn’t it?) This can be a sign of other disputes, or perhaps intense sexual activity. By itself, it is not a major aspect, but following so closely after an eclipse it can signify that you will see a major turning point in your life this afternoon. Keep your eyes open.

The day ends pleasantly enough with an aspect to Jupiter.

Saturday is the peak day in the diet battle, and Saturday also brings to fore issues with with “will” and the intensity needed to get things done. This is embodied in a “finger of God” that has Ceres (food) and Saturn (structure, willpower) at the focal point, and the Moon in Aries at one fork and five planets in Aquarius at the other fork.

The five planets in Aquarius speaks to use tending to decide to do “what the group wants to do.” If you have a support group, this is a good time to attend activities. Go to OA if you attend that, or an extra Weight Watchers if you attend that.

For many of us, we see a drama that includes three different groups: (1) a group of people, possibly five or more, who advocate THEIR viewpoint; (2) an authority figure and possibly a “young lady” (who could be engaged to marry); and (3) a lone, but exteremly strong, female. When we think of this “lone female” think of Diana the Warrior.

I cannot say who will win this battle of wills, but I can say that the drama will be a lively one. Enjoy!


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  2. Well I had a weird Saturday night. I was, last minute, asked out by a young Asian man. I didn’t really want to go but I was bored and lonely so I thought, what the hell!
    I met him, and he said he was Japanese. He span this whole story about being Japanese. I don’t know why but I felt like he wasn’t Japanese.
    We went to a Chinese restaurant where he started speaking Chinese to the waitress. I asked the waitress ‘are you Japanese?’. She said no. He said that he didn’t speak Japanese but that he had picked up Chinese by coming to restaurants.
    I then asked the young man several questions about Japanese culture,none of which he knew the answer to. I concluded that he was in fact Chinese.
    I told him that I did not feel comfortable with him and I left. He then texted me with one word: bitch.


    • At the risk of stating the obvious: this was not the right guy for you. Tell me where your Sun, Moon, Merc, Venus, & Mars are, and I’ll see what I can do to help you. I need sign & degree; houses would be wonderful.


  3. Plus I am definitely losing the weight battle.


    • Marm, Concentrate now on getting your restaurant going! Then, when the Moon is post-Full, hammer the diet efforts.


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