Thursday Jan 29, 2008 Piscean Moon Down Time

January 29, 2009 at 10:06 am | Posted in Astrology, Predictions | 1 Comment
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This is a day spent best in down time. The Piscean Moon tells us that as we near the Mercury Direct Station (which marks the end of the Retrograde, but not of the weirdness).

The Mercury Retrograde weirdness ends a little after the Direct Station. In our case, that means next week, probably “about” February 8th.

Today, try not to take on any major projects if you can avoid it. Your weaknesses will be exposed, and you will have to regroup to do it better. Better to discover these weaknesses privately, yourself, rather than to be “surprised” (and embarrassed).

This weekend is a big one, so stay tuned.

1 Comment

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