Jan 24, 25, 26, & 27 (Sat thru Tue), 2009

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A shift in energy happens this weekend, and you will feel it. These days should be clustered together because this is one weekend that will “spill over” into next week.

Saturday the Moon is still in Capricorn, as Friday, and Financial Markets will somehow feel this. Mars Trines Saturn, which brings a sort of “closure” the the Mars Sextile Uranus of Thursday.

Innovative ideas may be squashed in favor of the status quo. We may hear some kind of government pronouncement about the military, but it will favor keeping the status quo rather than “change.” (Saturn (status quo) is the last to whisper in the ear of Mars (military, police, violence, violent criminals).

Meanwhile, Venus has aligned to favor Uranus (women, as a group, may find that they are VERY bored with the status quo), and Mars is “forced” to communicate with Venus. Some military / police officers may find themselves locked out of their homes by their wives or daughters.

The Moon, the other major feminine planet, speaks to everyone this day, but Venus has the the last word. This could indicate a mother / daughter alliance in a family (or other) dispute.

The VERY last word in this drama, though, belongs to the children (and the communicators) who can point at the supposed authority figure and say “he did it.” (Think of the final few scenes of the movie “Witness.”)

The Moon leaves all this behind as it enters a void and then Aquarius about 1am in Dallas (7am in UK). The Moon then conjoins Jupiter followed with a conjunction with the Sun which produces a Solar Eclipse. (You should read the Friday discussion of Jupiter’s influence). This Eclipse will be particularly life-changing for some people because of the intense Jupiter involvement. Higher education, travel (and diplomacy), and the courts will become particularly pronounced for some people, and, in fact, the population of the world will feel it.

Mercury (retrograde, in Capricorn) speaks to Mars Monday (either great Romance or terrible fights). Whatever happens this day, expect to “revisit” it on March 1st (when Mercury and Mars will meet again, but this time in Aquarius with Mercury forward motion).

All of this Mercury / Venus / Mars drama (which can be children, mother, father) is tied into the eclipse. For some, this means father accepts a new job or carreer which carries him far away. (We know this about military and Iraq, but this could be something a bit new or different.)

This, by itself, would be enough, but Tuesday the Moon predictably pulls Chiron (teachers, healers, healthcare, old wounds) into the fray as well as Neptune ( poetry, music, illness, alcohol & drugs, sometime “con-artists”). Illness will clearly be an issue, and we might see a significant “uptick” in the incidence and prevalence of the current strain.

If the Mars / violence issues involved a family alcoholic or drug addict, then Tuesday can be the turning point. I cannot say exactly WHAT KIND of turning point, but a turning point. For some, it will be devastating (possibly suicide). Others will get help and finally become “clean and sober.”

Energies shift again Wednesday, but that is a topic for another post.

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