Thursday & Friday, Jan 22nd & 23rd of 2009:

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One quick note about Wednesday: Retrograde Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Capricorn which forces us to face finances again. That is true for everyone, and is a long term issue (Pluto in Cap), but this is a sort of “punctuation mark.”

That said, Thursday is “interesting.” If you are in the UK or Europe, you’ll feel the Sadge Moon Squaring both Saturn (structure) and Uranus (revolutions that end old structure and start new structure). This set of alignments will dominate UK and Europe; it will almost certainly have some kind of meaning for Robert Mugabe.

We’ll feel the same to a much lesser degree in the U.S. The Moon goes void shortly after 10am, and Jim Shawvan describes this as an “Opportunity Period.” Inside this period, Mars sextiles Uranus and Venus conjoins Uranus. Overall, this favors Uranian activites (social work, internet & computers, electronics in general, friends, service to others, and a bit of “weirdness” (usually fun)) over Saturnine activities (corporations, finances, being part of the herd and NOT being “weird,” formal dress, and anything to deal with the skeletal system).

The Moon enters Capricorn (returning some power to Saturnine Activities) in the evening for UK & Europe and just after midnight for Dallas. Friday has a bit of a feel of “Monday” to it, but Sun conjunct Jupiter is a once a year event that almost always offers “opportunity.”

An ongoing debate exists as to whether Jupiter is “benefic” or “malefic.” The malefic contingent argues that Jupiter is overeating, overspending, over drinking (alcohol), and, generally, excess. And, they are right.

But, as the benefic side would argue, it is also career growth & career opportunites, winning the Lotto (if Uranus is activated), any kind of “luck” you can imagine (and some you cannot), Education, Law, and often just “fun.”

Personally, I think it is BOTH and NEITHER. Jupiter can be ALL of these things; what it is for you is which of these you choose.

So, think about what your choice will be for how you handle the opportunities that come to you either Thursday or Friday (or both).

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