Monday, January 19 & 20, 2009: MLK Day & Obama Inauguration

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Planetary shifts occur on these days highlighting other shifts that are occurring on a large scale in political / social / financial areas.

The big issue at this time is the Capricorn-Aquarius border. Technically, I am supposed to call it a “cusp,” but I think the word “border” is better here.

Capricorn focuses on large corporations and things financial. Aquarius focuses on service to others and, particularly, “the people.” Obama is a Leo (King), and stands in opposition to “the people” (Aquarius). In astrology, opposition is not necessarily bad, it can be that the speaker behind the podium is in “opposition” to the audience.

That said, Bush is/was a Cancerian, and the sign opposite HIM is (guess what) Capricorn.

Sun enters Aquarius a little before 4pm Central, which means that the Sun is void for most of the day. That makes events and celebrations fine for this day, but major plans for change will either not work out (remember, void = “nothing will come of this) or will work out in a perverse and unintended way.

Monday has a mix of squares and trines. You may feel “called to act” (squares) but I recommend relaxing (trines). Write down your thoughts, as engendered by the squares, and plan to act on them another day.

The Moon goes void about 9:30pm (2130 CST), but most of us will sleep through this. If you work nights, though, know that this is a messy void because it starts with Moon Square Neptune, which I have found (by (bad) experience) to be a rather malefic kind of void.

Tuesday is the Inauguration, and Moon is void until about 1230 EST (1130 CST). This fact has been discussed quite a bit, and not just with this president. Clinton’s second term (the one with the scandals) is reputed to have occurred in a void along with those of JFK, 4th term of Roosevelt, etc. This is a Scorpio void, and Sun conjoins Retrograde Mercury in early Aquarius. Soon thereafter, Mercury moves BACK into Capricorn.

All of this signals that NO MATTER WHO WAS ELECTED this is a tough time to be President. And, indeed, it is with profound Financial (Capricorn) peril facing the nation (Aquarius).

The Sadge Moon that ends the void will also signal important (a) important situation(s) in foreign affairs.

The Solar Eclipse of Jan 25/26 will herald profound changes, and Mercury’s direct station on Jan 31st will “seal” that a major set of changes has begun.

For you, personally, just ENJOY Monday (especially if you have a day off), and try to wait for FRIDAY (Sun Conjoin Jupiter) to launch any kind of major event. Better yet, wait until February, when we are past the eclipse and Mercury Retrograde.

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