January 9, 10, & 11: A Rather Wild Weekend

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Looking for a “wild weekend”?  You will probably get your wish fulfilled this weekend.  On Friday, the Moon is void from just after Midnight (Central) to just after Noon.  If you live in the UK or Europe, this means that the Moon is void for the workday.  If you are a new reader, you might ask what does that mean?

The traditional interpretation of a Void Moon is “nothing will come of this.”  In recent years, some practitioners have noted that sometimes something very definitely DOES “come of this,” but often in a weird or unexpected way.

By itself, the Void Moon would be enough.  But Mercury is practically at a standstill, the official date of the Retrograde station being January 11th.  Mercury Retrograde is notorious for problems with thinking, communications, and transportation.  Princess Diana died in an automobile crash when the Moon was void and Mercury was retrograde.  So, be careful.

After the transit of the Moon from Gemini into Cancer, about Noon CST, a major shift in energy occurs.  People you know might just want to go home and hide out.  Or, since the Moon has moved into the sign where it will become full, they may be ready for a wild ride.

In fact, Friday evening is a good night to stay home with your sweetheart.

Saturday proves to be a “better” day, but remains “interesting.”  If you broke your diet the other day, then you can use Saturday to get restarted (Moon Sextiles Ceres.)  This may not prove easy, but if you fall down you can get a great idea (Moon Trine Uranus) from a lesson learned and re-start in earnest.  The Moon is Full by 9:30 Central.  After that, the Moon immediately goes void and is waning. Waning Moons favor diets.

Both Ceres and Mercury go retrograde Sunday.  We have described the problems with Mercury Retrograde a number of times, so we will concentrate on Ceres, the Grain Goddess.

With Ceres retrograde, you will have to carefully scrutinize the areas of feast and famine in your life.  This is not just with food; this can be an excellent time to make a budget or organize a family meeting to make a budget.

The Moon is void on Sunday until almost Noon, so any plans made during that time may be subject to revision.  Make your plans anyway, because Sun Trine Saturn will favor them.  (Most plans need revisions anyway.)

If you are having a family meeting, expect some disputes over these issues. Moon opposes Jupiter and is inconjunct Pluto. (Moon Opp Jupiter = “blows it out of proportion”; Moon Inconj Pluto = “power struggles that resolve into false hopes.”)

Even so, this is the time to “lance the boil.”

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