January 8th, 2009: Stick with the Diet; Temptation Strikes

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Temptation strikes today around 10am Central, a popular “coffee break” time.  Those who have already fallen off the wagon tempt those who have lasted so far.

With a Gemini Moon (chatter) Squaring (disagreement) Ceres (Diets / Feasts) in Virgo (health issues), expect a bit of chatter if not bickering or outright disagreement about diets.  And, given the proximity to New Year’s Day, this is almost a certainty.  If you have survived so far, hang in there.  You can make it.

Of course, in the UK and Europe, this drama happens at the supper table.

Back in Texas, at Central Time, the moon forms a T-Square with the Uranus-Neptune opposition.  Squabbles can easily erupt, particularly if you are Gemini, Virgo, Sadge, or Pisces.  No one will “win” unless this is an old dance where the same player always “wins.”  If so, and you are not the winner, then don’t play.

One other thing: Ceres enters Libra on August 3rd.  This places Ceres in a Square with Pluto (Ceres rules feasts & famines because, according to myth, Pluto gets her for six months of the year (late fall, winter, early spring).  During this time, when Pluto has her, we have famine (in modern time: diets).

With the square, as long as we aren’t have a REAL famine (or food supply problems), you should NOW put an reminder where you will find it in August (personal calendar or elsewhere) to re-visit your diet resolutions.  If your plan is working, you might think about how to tune it.  If you “fell off” the diet wagon, then this (Thursday August 6th, just after the Full Moon) will be a good time to restart.

Not sure what plan you want to follow?  Try this.

Much of life is about “getting up” after we “fall down.”

January 7th 2009: Moon Trines Aquarian Planets

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A very small window exists where you might be able to get what you want, if you play your cards not only right, but quickly.

Moon is void until noon Central. After that it enters Gemini and immediately trines Jupiter at 1pm CST. This is *THE* time this month to ask for a new job, raise, corner office, etc. Even if you cannot GET what you ask for, you can plant the seed today at this time.

By 2:30pm CST, maybe a little earlier, the sweet cream has turned to sour milk. If you did not get a “yes,” then drop the issue at this point.

Later in the evening, we find ourselves in cross-currents.  Moon Squares Venus (usually unfavorable) but trines Mercury (usually favorable).

Translation: you may find yourself in a disagreement with a female (even if you are female).  OR, you may be on the sidelines observing a dispute between two females.  If not a woman then either fiscal or physical issues will present as problems.

However, our communications (or transportation) is slightly improved. The Moon trine Mercury brings a very small modicum of relief to the impending retrograde.  So, if you need to clarify miscommunication, and the other party is not TOO angry, this would be a good time to do it.

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