Jan 5, 2009: Jupiter Moves into Aquarius

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“Jupiter Moves into Aquarius.”  What does that mean if you are not an astrologer?

This shift indicates a move in power from Corporate America & “Big Business” into the grass roots voter.  But, it will affect many other areas, particularly higher education and the legal system.  And, long-range travel, such as vacations by cruise, may be revolutionized by this shift.

If any of this is your order of business, be assured that “things” may be a bit unclear until after January 19th.  On that date, Jupiter moves out of the first three degrees of Aquarius.  That, by itself, may not be enough; you may have to wait until Mercury goes Direct on February 1st.

If you really want to know what this Jupiter transit means to you, personally, you need to look at the period between January 21st of 1997 and February 4th of 1998.  Other major influences were present (notably Uranus in Aquarius), so you’ll have to focus on “things Jupiter.”  (Courts & Legal, long term travel, Higher Education, Ambassadors & Foreigners, perhaps “growing” a new business.)

Whatever MAJOR event you did at that time in your life (going back to school, quitting school, etc.), you are about to somehow revisit it.

Today (Jan 5th, 2009) is a relatively routine day.  Take a few moments to ponder the events of 1997 and how they might be relevant to your life today.

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