December 18 & 19, 2008 More Challenges Before the Solstice Arrives

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Thursday represents another day of “challenges” with the Moon conjoining Saturn and Opposing Uranus to make us re-examine the events of the recent full moon. Last Friday and this past Monday have something to contribute to the events of today, and we are not at all comfortable with it. More inconjuncts contribute to a notion that problems are resolved when they are not. Best to get some rest Thursday night.

Friday “looks” quiet which tells me that “other” things may be happening. Friday could be described as a “fated” day in which people will either have little control or feel as if they have little control. Sun is semi-square Venus, Chiron, and the North Node. Today is a harbinger of the Sun/Pluto conjunction Monday and the Venus / Chiron conjunction of Tuesday.

In practical terms, I’d treat this day as if it were void. That is, I might plan and plot, but I would be hesitant to execute.  Take note, though, of circumstances that occur and are beyond your control.  They may be important omens about your personal situation.

The Sun, Mars, and Pluto tell us that a major power struggle is “coming to a head.” Venus and Chiron tells us that “healing time” is badly needed. As I have mentioned on other occasions, this date is associated with deception.

A good use of this time, both practically and metaphorically, is to clean up and clean out. Moon moves into last quarter, and this is a time to discard the unwanted and unneeded to make way for the gifts that the Solstice and Winter will bring us.

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