December 7, 2008 Pearl Harbor Day

December 6, 2008 at 11:56 pm | Posted in Astrology | 2 Comments

Personally, I don’t like the energy of this date. December 6/7 seems to have a bit of “disaster” energy to me, independent of Pearl Harbor Day. The 6th brought us an opportunity to focus on detailed work with the caveat that Moon was in Pisces (great for poetry but miserable for precision) and Mercury aspected Neptune (more fuzziness).

For December 7th, Venus is void most of the day (til Midnight in UK), and we find that results vary from odd to none. This is a bit like a Moon void, but “larger” in its impact. Venus moves into Aquarius about 7pm EST, and this sets the stage from some innovations in the areas of art, beauty, & finance.


  1. Pearl Harbor Day is worth commemorating because this is the way to at least give respect and at the same time honor those who have fought for freedom till the very end.


  2. Agreed. I always remember and honor it.


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