December 1, 2008 Last Chance Lotto Ticket

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Hopefully you were able to benefit from the magnificent energy of the past few days.  Windows this benevolent are rare.  My tendency, later, is to want a “do-over.”  Of course, we do not ever really get a “do-over.”  But, sometimes, we can change the path we are upon.

If you are in the UK, you still have a window of opportunity.  But, here in the U.S., the moon becomes void about between 1030 and 11 am EST.  A particularly powerful LAST CHANCE occurs between “about” 10am and 1030am.  But, by 11am, kiss it goodbye if you haven’t taken action upon it and (ideally) completed it.  If it must be mailed, mail it by 1030am.

The “message in the bottle” must be launched by that time.

By 11am, we have entered the contemplative period of a void.  If you are smart, then you can harness this energy too.  Remember, this is a good time to clean up and clean out.  Oddly, sometimes lost objects turn up in a void, or just thereafter.  Tuesday looks good, too, just not nearly as good as this final window.  But, by Wednesday, “things” start to become “odd” again.

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