Wednesday, November 27, 2008 Pluto Leaves Sadge and Won’t Be Back for 250 Years

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Some people quibble and say 248. They can check back with me then to confirm that they were right. Until then, they should go back to counting BBs.

Of course, the title should have read something like “Astrological Prediction for Wednesday, November 26th of 2008: Pluto Leaves Sadge and Won’t Be Back for 250 Years.” The energy is a nasty one, and I for one am glad it is gone (almost gone) and not coming back any time soon.

Over the years, observation has shown me that late Sadge is a “complex” part of the Zodiac. I personally don’t like it, and I understand that at least some of the ancients didn’t like it either. Stories very. Some say that people were terrified on the longest night of the year and that others celebrated. I bet most didn’t care because their car note was due.

I’m absolutely WORN OUT on all the goofy stories about how 29 Sadge is a time of year to celebrate. Meh.

29 Sadge is the point some people like to celebrate as the Solstice.  That stinks.  No celebration for the longest night.  But, for the day that follows….

(For some of you: Pluto is at the point in the Zodiac equivalent to Winters Solstice.  NOT a good place for the most malefic of planets.)

My experience is that liars and tricksters are terrifically over-represented here. Imagine seeing a very large number of bank queues (teller lines here in the US). Instead of 2 or 3, you see 365. Most of the queues have maybe 2 or 3 people standing in line. But, the “29 degrees Sadge” queue has about a thousand…. The people in line, of course, are the born liars and cheats and thieves of the world.

I won’t belabor the point much further. (At least not in this post.) And, I’ll offer the counter-point that Stephen Spielberg’s birthday is located here. I suppose that we’ve paid him very good money to “lie” to us very well with his brilliant movies. Every cloud has its silver lining.

What does it really mean?

If you can, defer your decisions until Saturday afternoon. All between now and then looks a bit unpleasant. Jim shows an Opportunity Period on Friday night, but warns us to “work late by yourself” and to “drive defensively.”

I suppose, at this point, I should point out that “laying low” doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. It just might mean you need to do work that is solitary in nature and often put “on hold.” (I usually give “cleaning out the garage” as an example. BUT don’t use THIS Friday night to clean out the garage, that could be a dangerous choice that night. More in a future post.)

Today is the best day to end things you REALLY want to end. Envision EXORCISING some entity from your life. I don’t know the specifics, but I bet that you do.

If you are afraid you’ll be sweet-talked or intimidated over the phone (abusive spouses or “account executives”) then send out your final letter return receipt collected. Half-measures will make things worse; end it now!

If you do NOT want them to show for Thanksgiving, make CERTAIN you have taken all necessary actions by the end of the work day. Waffling on this (“well, maybe one more time”) will get you bad results.

THIS Thanksgiving can be made MUCH better by the things or people you do NOT carry with you into it.

If you need a lawyer, I hope you HIRED them before now. Today is an excellent day for them to DO the job for you, but an AWFUL day to hire them.

Generally, this time before the new moon helps you END things today, and it is a great day to demolish clutter. Pretend that you are Lot’s Wife and LEARNED YOUR LESSON and put that crate of old magazines down the rubbish chute without EVEN LOOKING INTO THE BOX.

Also, this is one of the key “turning points” in the financial markets that I have written about several times earlier this year. My hopes are that you did not create ANY new more debt. A few “surprises” are in store for you, and you’ll need whatever financial reserves you’ve accumulated since May or before.

Thanksgiving will be interesting.


  1. Great post. Thank you. As I have two ongoing legal situations hopefully they will start to be resolved. I checked my bank account this morning and discovered I have a lot less than I thought!


  2. One more thing…isnt the galactic centre at 26 Sag?


  3. The Galactic Center is at 26 Sadge, which is uncomfortably close. For Pluto, though, we can say that it has now touched that spot and moved on.

    Other than that, all I have to say at this time is that I am “working by myself,” and I don’t plan to drive at all today (Friday).


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