Sunday November 16, 2008 Opportunity Abounds

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Most astrologers concentrate on what their readers want to hear.  I suppose that I should do that, but for a moment I won’t.  I’m going to complain that, for me personally, the energy has really been poop for about a week, and I think that will continue with Mars’ entrance into Sadge.  Okay, enough of that.

Mercury sextiles Uranus about 0130 EST, just after midnight EST.  For many, this will be a source of brainstorming although Mercury is in silent Scorpio so the brainstorm might be muted.  I think the police will have a “field day” tonight.  So, this is a good time to stay home and write down your ideas.

Jim Shawvan, in the Daily Planetary Guide, shows this as a prolonged “Opportunity Period.”  Moon in Cancer forms a Grand Water Trine with Mercury and Uranus.  Jupiter in Scorpio interacts now in what some call a “Kite.”  For at least some, today can be a day of immense prosperity.  I agree with Mr. Shawvan’s commentary that today is a day to use “intuition rather than logic to obtain sought after answers.”


  1. Isn’t Jupiter in Capricorn?


  2. Yes, that was an error. Jupiter in Capricorn forms a kite with the Grand Trine. Thanks for pointing that out. But, I’ll leave it as is so that your comment makes sense.


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