Sunday, November 2, 2008 A Fuzzy Day

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The Party’s Over

Daily Savings Time ends for many. Neptune has or is stationing direct, and Neptune is all about fuzziness. On the bad side, it is the kind of fuzziness that gets drunk drivers into very bad accidents. Please do be careful tonight if you are continuing to party.

If you use Stumbleupon, you’ll just notice even less sleep than usual. Time to take a nap for you!

Photoshop and the Vaseline Lens

On the good side, “Neptune Direct” is the photographer’s filters that “help” older models and actresses to show fewer lines.

Uranus (electronics, computers, software) cotinues to reside in Pisces, so it influences things Neptune. (12th House = Pisces = Neptune; they are all different faces of the same thing). So, today, it isn’t Vaseline on the lens anymore; it is “Photoshop.” (The Vaseline was much cheaper and easier to use, wasn’t it?)

I suppose it would be extraordinarily inappropriate of me to mention any political candidates here. So, I won’t mention McCain, Palin, Obama, Biden, or the Clintons as possible consumers of the old vaseline lens trick. (Can you Photoshop video?)

You know the old saying “seeing is believing”? No longer true with Neptune and the child of Uranus in Pisces (Photoshop):

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