Saturday November 1, 2008 will be Ladies Night All Day

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This is a good day for males to hide from females.  Venus (very feminine and sexy females) and the Moon (includes Venus and all other females including Mrs. McCluskey from Desperate Housewives) Join together to afflict both Saturn (authority figures and grumpy old men) and Uranus (Rebels without a cause, both young men and masculine Lesbians of any age).

If you are a male, then you’d better treat your women nicely.  Don’t be surprised if the issue has to do with either the legal system, higher education, or travel.  Or, you may find yourself enamored by a woman foreign to your culture.

If you are a woman, of course, everything is turned around.  You’ll be in conflict with your men, and you might be caught between the stern and the rebellious.  You’ll find allies in other women today.

Neptune is making a direct station, and this brings confusion to most.  Alcoholics and drug addicts in treatment get released, and this is a pivotal time.  The appearance may be one of little progress though great progress is being made.  Others will enter treatment at this time, and they might just ‘make it.’  Artists get creative breakthroughs, and poets get a fresh start.  If you can, go play on this day.  Just watch out for conflicts with lesbian police officers with “an axe to grind.”

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