Thursday October 30, 2008 A Moon Void Day

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Some time after midnight in Eastern and Central time zones, and about 8AM in the UK, the Moon in Scorpio (police, death) squares Neptune (confusion) in Aquarius (accidents).  Most of us in the United States will be asleep, but the effect could be rather unfortunate on UK and European rush-hour traffic.

This void sets the tone for the remainder of the day.  This is another great day for arists, poets, and dreamers, as long as none of them are driving or in potentially dangerous situations.  Drunk drivers will tend to get into trouble on this day, and the damage could be significant.

Mercury trines Neptune in the void.  This could be a very good time for copywriters and marketing specialist to do their work.  Maybe not the best time to sell, but you’d need to have an independent astrologer verify this for your chart and situation.  Note that Mercury is emerging from the “shadow” of the retrograde, so things could really take off some time in the next few days.

The Mars-Saturn interaction that starts the evening is rather somber.  This is a good evening for most to stay home.  Except for evening and night workers, those in the UK may be asleep by the time this aspect perfects.  Since the aspect involves outer planets, it has the opportunity to affect several days, through Saturday, as discussed elsewhere.

For finances and investment banking, don’t get your hopes too high.  Those pretty pictures and words developed by the copywriters (mentioned above) may not quite represent reality.  To be sure, sign no contracts on this day or make major purchases.

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