New Moon in Scorpio October 2008

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For most of us, both US & UK, the New Moon in Scorpio occurs Tuesday, October 28th. You took care of that key matter yesterday, didn’t you? The irritating problem that you’d rather put off–you know the one–you closed that out, didn’t you?

Me either. But, I plan to follow my advice today. You should, too, knowing that today is trickier with Mercury in Libra Inconjunct Uranus in PIsces. False hopes and miscommunications may throw up roadblocks making the job we must do more difficult to complete. Push on through; you can do it.

After sunset, whereever you may be, take time to sit still and envision your next key actions. The best time is circa 1914 EDT per Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide. You’ll have “about” a 30 minute window, from 15 minutes before until 15 minutes afterward. This is a Scorpio New Moon, and it is a powerful time to receive revelations in general but especially if that regard keeping your secrets, revealing the secrets of others, sex, procreation, birthing a person or a project, oil, mining, chemicals, toxins, poisons, healing by purging, or covert operations. Remember, “first, do no harm.”

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