Mars Square Chiron October 2008

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Whatever happened Saturday, whatever nudged you on that day, please understand that by Tuesday you can no longer ignore it.  Take the energy that you get from Mars in Scorpio Square Chiron in Aquarius on Monday and use it to dispose of the issue during the Dark of the Moon.  This will send it away, and you can concentrate on new matters after the New Moon of Tuesday.

If you do NOT dispose of it on Monday, then it may begin to grow (and “fester” as we say here).  Lance the boil on Monday, or it will grow rather large during the next fourteen days.

I cannot tell you what it is, but this is a wound in need of cleaning.  As you read this, you may come to realize that this repair is overdue.  If you “sweep it under the rug” (a popular thing to do with multiple planets in Scorpio), then this may truly “bite” you later.

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