Scorpio Cometh (2008)

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(October 19th 2008)

Monday is the kind of day that looks fairly ordinary. Unless exotic transits such as septiles and noviles are in play (I don’t calculative those but probably should), Monday just seems like, well, Monday.

People will be born on Monday, and people will die, and it will be an important day for many people. Some will be hired and some will be fired. But this day does not appear to be a “cosmic punctuation mark.” And, as far as outer planets go, the Moon touches them. But, this only serves as activators for certain people with charts that are specifically activated. So, I will go far onto a limb and say that this day does not stand out.

An exception exists: this is a grand water trine day. The GT is loose, and it affects things water. By loose, I mean that the first part occurs just after midnight with the following part just before the following midnight.

My first inclination is to think that finance = earth, but a number of others have indicated to me in the past that the big “money maker” is a grand water trine. And, that has proved correct before. So, this day may be an “activator” regarding financial issues. In a sense, an activator day lances the boil that is waiting to pop.

Water particularly affects the following: emotions, birth & death & inheritances, taxes, anything dealing with the ocean & shipping, pipes of any kind, petroleum, almost any underground resource, drugs, and poisons.

The Cancer side of the trine focuses on families, mothers, oceans and other bodies of water. The Piscean side rules the music and film industries, poetry, concerts (along with Aquarius), illness, drugs, alcohol, psychic intuitions, and pipes.

Scorpio rules birth and death, inheritances, taxes, police, intelligence agencies, poisons, drugs (benevolent and malevolent), particularly laxatives, things hidden, things underground, and nuclear energy. Petroleum and petroleum based companies and products are generally ruled by Scorpio. Ice and snow are government by the “fixed water sign” Scorpio.

Scorpio especially rules trash cans, and anything “lost” by falling into the trash can.

Some are shared. Pipes are Piscean, but some astrologers think that they are Scorpionic because they “are underground,” (incorrect, they are often underground but not always) and they are “fixed.” The problem is that it isn’t the PIPE that is the key; the key is the “flow” of whatever is flowing through the pipe. This kind of movement is Piscean. One could argue that the pipe ITSELF is Scorpionic. Maybe. But the SYSTEM of pipes & flow are Piscean.

As a general rule, Scorpio makes secrets (hides things, loses things) and Pisces reveals (or finds things). Today, both sides are at play. You may find one thing (particularly since Mercury just went direct), but might lose some other thing.

So, don’t be surprised if any of these areas or industries are activated Monday. Technically, scale is irrelevant (that’s the point of “As above, so below”), but this is a day where influence will GENERALLY be more “grass roots” than “top down.”

Recognize that this grand trine precedes the transit of the Sun into Scorpio. In a sense, things that happen today may fully “take root” on or after October 22nd.

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