Weak Points in Lunar Cycles

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And, now, for something completely different.

Leaving outer planets and finances behind, one important topic is that of weak points in the lunar cycles.  I’m tempted to borrow from Ancient Wayne Dyer scrolls and call them “erroneous zones.”  Or, “gaf points.”  Or, “FU points.”  Or….

That said, what are they?  They are points that the Moon crosses “about” every 28 days that are times of difficulty.  Because the Moon moves so quickly, they are easily identified.  (Trickier is a peek at the annual version.  For example, do you get a gaf point whenever the moon inconjuncts the Sun in Leo?)

Gaf points, as I will call them, are best discovered empirically.  Some are hidden, and may not be related to anything obvious.  Nevertheless, if you ALWAYS have problems at 15 Taurus, then that is almost certainly a Gaf point for you.

In my experience, Gaf points are related to a particular decan of a sign.  For those unfamiliar, each sign contains thirty (30) degrees of “arc” (part of a circle).  Each sign, in turn, has three decan of ten (10) degrees each.  My experience has been that, when the Moon is in
some particular decan, you will experience difficulties.

In practice, the Moon square or quincunx (inconjunct) certain natal planets will do the trick.  Moon square natal Neptune can be downright deadly to some people.  It brings confusion that can kill in a resulting automobile accident, especially if any Uranian activity is at play.

Moon square Mars and Moon square Pluto can bring problems, too.  I generally dislike Moon in Capricorn.  The ancients didn’t like it, either (Moon in Detriment).  My experience is that it is all about delays, delays, and delays.  It is a bit like a “mini Mercury Retrograde” each month.

Moon in Cap in a birth chart is difficult to interpret.  Some say that can result in great leaders.  Others claim it leads to sociopathic tendencies.   Whatever the case,  those with natal Moon in Cap process emotions a little differently from the rest of us.

Moon in the Twelfth House is particularly nasty because the bad effect appears “good.”  Keep in mind that the Twelfth is associated with “self-undoing” and hidden enemies.

All of this varies from person to person.  A brilliant musician with a very “Neptunian” personality may actually thrive with Moon in the Twelfth.  Moon in Cap COULD be related with great leaders.  (Someone please find me one.  The closet I could come was martyr Rachel Corrie.)

Regardless of the outer planet activity and financial fluctuations, you need to “know thyself.”  (And, “thy Gaf Points.”)

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