Halloween, Quarter Days and November 8th 2008

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Halloween is a celebration of one of the Quarter Days.  See, also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-quarter_day

Halloween was a traditional celebration of the November Quarter Day.  (The above link says “cross quarter” days, but the source(s) I originally used simply called them “quarter days.)  I’ve already spoken about Halloween, but I’ll briefly recap.

(1) circa 29th/30th (depending on your time zone) Mercury Trines Uranus  (This is a great time to see movies and stageplays and right poetry; this is a terrible time to buy almost anything, especially tangible things.  Deception is at play, especially from alcoholics and drug addicts.  Just chill out and ‘watch the show.”)

(2) Mars Sextiles Saturn.  Sextiles are usually favorable, but both Mars and Saturn are malefics.  Mars is in Scorpio (death, dying, sex, secrets, and espionage) and Saturn is in Virgo (accountants, monks, nuns, and intractable bureaucrats).  Not very favorable to anyone except maybe assassins and tax collectors.

(3) Mars Trines Uranus.  Another malefic pair.  Notice this implies that Mars, Saturn, and Uranus are linked.  Uranus (perhaps better named Prometheus) is a bringer of change, and it is currently placed in Pisces.  For the development of electronic media, such as digital photography and video, this is a harbinger of great developments and inventions.  (“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”)  The three connected can be very strange.

I’d think that one side of this may be an explosive development of electronic surveillance, particular “traffic light cams” and such.  Expect events (criminal events) that will prompt this move.  Don’t be surprised if some of these events are created by agents provocateur.  (See, also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent_provocateur  not to be confused with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5s5BNHbxeY)

(4) Venus Trines Chron.  Venus is in Sadge and Chiron is in Aquarius.  These aspects give us hope.  But, don’t be surprised if immigration (Sadge) issues “bubble up” (Chiron’s “healing”) at this time.  Venus Trine Chiron SOUNDS benevolent, but with the previously mentioned aspects, some strident times may be at play.  (Riots?  Massive arrests?)

(5)  Finally, Neptune has been in the process of stationing (this tends to be difficult), and “goes direct” on November 1st.  At least one astrologer I knew spoke of someone who would “go into the mental hospital” when Neptune went retrograde and come out when Neptune “went direct.”  I’d say that this time, particularly Saturday through Wednesday, will be a huge turning point for many people, but especially with regard to alcoholism, drug addiction, deception, liars & cheats, and scammers.  Remember that poetry, music, photography and (especially) video involve a sort of “deception,” so these arts may undergo stunning transformations at this time.

I’ll focus on motion pictures in what I say next, but the same may apply to photograpy, poetry, and music.  Include any kind of electronic media (Netscape News, AOL, Reuters, Google News, Topix,  and the rest.)  Expect: (1) radical industry announcements, possibly a giant or two (unexpectedly) filing for bankruptcy or undergoing buyouts / mergers; (2) Certain branches or units being shut down or merged; (3) radical revisions in general (noticed the new changes in Hotmail?); (4) general belt tightening but (5) greater globalization.  Expect to radical changes in copyrighted material and news with regard to the Far East in general and particularly China.

We are far off topic, because I would like to discuss the actual quarter day, which is November 8th of this year.  Quarter Days are powerful, and the only more powerful points in the year are the changes of season (solstice points and equinoxes).  Each of the Quarter Days has been said to be tied to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  The November Quarter Day is associated with the Pale Horse, or Pale Rider.

This rider is usually the most devastating of all.  How it operates in any given year is resolved by the Moon (short term) and the outer planets (long term).  This year the Moon (in Pisces) trines the Sun.  From a short term standpoint, this should be favorable.  But, trines tend to producing long-lasting and far reaching events.

HOWEVER, the Moon also connects with Saturn and Uranus on this day.  The Sun already connected with Saturn on the 30th of October, and it contacts Uranus on November 11th.  Said differently, the Sun is effectively connected to these two as well.

All of this implies that, even though November 8th is on a Saturday, it will have far reaching consequences regarding the economy and financial markets.  And, interestingly, somehow the celebrations (Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertes) will tie to the actual quarter day.


  1. Trine,

    This is astounding in that until you, I did not really READ what is being predicted by the stars and positions of our planet.

    I especially love where you said, “Not very favorable to anyone except maybe assassins and tax collectors.” It made me laugh no matter how serious it is. I guess every dog has its day aye?

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Pal. This read was riveting and kept my attention the whole way through.


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