Mercury Direct Wednesday October 15, 2008

October 12, 2008 at 3:59 pm | Posted in Predictions, Retrogrades | 2 Comments

After the “feel good” (but possibly confusing) Neptune Trine Sun and Full Moon of Tuesday, Mercury will go direct.  Realize that it has been Retrograde the past few weeks of panic with talk of large bailouts for the Financial Sector.  What could this direct possibly mean?

I will offer a few possibilities: (1) between Wednesday and the next New Moon (October 28th), more tales of “$400,000 junkets” will surface.  Waste and fraud will start bubbling to the surface.  As planets move into Scorpio, the sign of secrets and silence, more tales will be silenced (covered up) than will be told.  (More than a few will come out anyway, probably in February of 2009.)

(2) The final leg of the Presidential Campaign will begin in earnest, and we will hear about the most important issues, long kept secret or submerged.  (Again, some of these will remain submerged.)

(3) Individually, some or many of us will receive “resolutions.”  Not all will be happy.  For some, this means foreclosures will become final.  Disputes over loans and credit will come to a head.  And, oddly, a few of us will receive overdue checks.  Others will receive news of other kinds.


  1. I am looking forward to Oct. 31st when Merc Retrograde completes the whole cycle. Can’t wait to see what surprises may pop out around Halloween.


  2. Indeed! I agree.

    I mentioned October 31st earlier this year, toward the end of June. Additionally, Mars Trines Uranus and Venus Sextiles Chiron. I’d say: expect the unexpected on this day.


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