Mercury Direct Wednesday October 15, 2008

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After the “feel good” (but possibly confusing) Neptune Trine Sun and Full Moon of Tuesday, Mercury will go direct.  Realize that it has been Retrograde the past few weeks of panic with talk of large bailouts for the Financial Sector.  What could this direct possibly mean?

I will offer a few possibilities: (1) between Wednesday and the next New Moon (October 28th), more tales of “$400,000 junkets” will surface.  Waste and fraud will start bubbling to the surface.  As planets move into Scorpio, the sign of secrets and silence, more tales will be silenced (covered up) than will be told.  (More than a few will come out anyway, probably in February of 2009.)

(2) The final leg of the Presidential Campaign will begin in earnest, and we will hear about the most important issues, long kept secret or submerged.  (Again, some of these will remain submerged.)

(3) Individually, some or many of us will receive “resolutions.”  Not all will be happy.  For some, this means foreclosures will become final.  Disputes over loans and credit will come to a head.  And, oddly, a few of us will receive overdue checks.  Others will receive news of other kinds.

Mayan Calendar (2012) and Saturn in Scorpio 1

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I’ll probably have a number of posts to write about this, but I’d like to write a short one now. Saturn is in Virgo and Pluto is in Capricorn. Both are malefics, both are trine, and Pluto is in Saturn’s home. What does this mean? I think that the answer to that is unfolding currently.

“2012” seems to divide people into two camps: those who have heard about it and are terrified, and those who either haven’t heard of it or don’t care. I’m in a third: I think it is a curiosity, but I haven’t put much stock into it.

I’d like to point out a few interesting astrological issues, though. (1) Saturn will move into Scorpio, which is MUCH tougher than Virgo; and (2) Saturn and Pluto will be in mutual reception.

I could stop there; those two would be enough by themselves. But those born in the mid 1980s will be entering or about to enter their Saturn returns. A number of astrologers call this generation the “Chernobyl” or “Columbine” generation. The Challenger Space Shuttle disaster happened in 1986. Some have watched this generation cautiously, and I note that they begin their Saturn returns at that time.

All of this is far away, but I would offer that the current events will set the stage for those events, four years away. This election is profound, but the following one will be even more profound.

Scorpio rules (1) things underground; (2) poisons in general; and (3) especially liquids that are poisonous. Easily deduced from #1, #2, and #3, Scorpio rules crude oil generally, with Neptune & Pisces controlling the pipes. Saturn is cardinal earth, it tends to make things shrink, and it also tends to “dry up” things.

So, four years in advance, I offer this. The current “difficulties” are preparing us for what is ahead, four years from now. We are NOT having a “Great Depression,” yet, but if we do not make major changes to conserve and manage resources better, we might encounter such problems by 2012. The current “financial woes” are a wake up call.

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