Scorpio 2008 and Aquarius 2009

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Without naming any aspects, I’d like to point out that what happens from “about” October 22nd to November 21st of 2008 will be revisited from a different vantage point in late January through mid Februrary of 2009.  The time now is tough.  The Fall “Quarter Day” of Samhain, or Hallow’e’en (Hallowed Evening) approaches, and it is associated with death and the end of the prosperity of the summer.

This same quarter day also plants the seeds that will blossom next spring with the advent of Aries.  But, before that, Aquarius will visit.  And, in 2009 that means issues of Chiron (attempting to heal the wound through teaching and learning) and Neptune (illness and delusion, but also beauty and relief) will be visited.

By Februrary, we will recognize that changes are needed, and those with eyes to see and ears to hear will have to know that some offerings in February are NOT the right path.  The stricture of the coming winter may lead to a sense of desperation that is unnecessary and perhaps dangerous.  The key will be to ferret out the problem, learn from it, begin the healing process, and move forward.  But, any sense of truly moving forward is unlikely until the vernal equinox (first day of spring) when the Sun will sqaure Pluto and inspire important new changes.

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