Sun Enters Leo 2008

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Sun Enters Leo

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 Sun Enters Leo. The horary astrologers quote someone, William Lily I believe, as saying that the first three degrees are “too early to tell.” Although not a void (“nothing will come of this”), the “too early to tell” period can be “void-like” if you are living through it. So, what does that mean?

Practically, it means that the period from July 22nd to July 24th may not bear precisely the fruit you expect, and it is a period that neither I nor any other astrologer or oracle can reliably predict. Certainly if enough monkeys are on typewriters SOMEONE will get it right, but it is a tough period to read.

That said, Tuesday is a good day for productivity, but expect some surprises. If you are a Scorpio Sun or Moon, you might could win the Lotto today or at least be offered an “interesting” opportunity that could be a good one. Just remember “it is too early to tell.”

This day generally favors water signs (and to a lesser degree earth). Despite the fact that the Sun entered Leo, most of the aspects are favorable to water.

For ALL Leos, you are now in your Solar 12th house. If you’ve read my earlier posts where I mention this for Cancer, you know what this means. And, also, even though Leo is fire and Cancer is water, this tends to be a STRONG period for Cancerians. If you are a Cancer you can make things rock. But, Leo needs to “lay low.”

For everyone: Wednesday is an odd mix, to be certain.

Moon Trine Sun happens twice a month, and it gives most of us a “breather” from the tougher aspects. But, this one is spoiled by the Mercury / Neptune inconjunct.

Mercury = thinking, communications, speech, written word, transportation, and a bit of temper sometimes. Neptune, in the negative, is drugs, alcohol, addiction, laziness, illness, and delusion. In the positive it is harmony, music, poetry, and sometimes the most profound insight.

Today, Mercury and Neptune are like two people at a party who don’t understand each, don’t really like each other, but are pretending to be nice. The net result is dissatisfaction for both sides. This is a good day to avoid taking ANY side, if possible.

By Sign:

Aries: wait til Thursday then try to get everything IMPORTANT done on that day.

Taurus: like Aries, but you must wait til Friday. You continue to be strong despite some irritability from the Leo Sun. Use that energy to get things done.

Gemini: Tuesday is okay for you, but Wednesday is not. Even though you are typically the trickster, the joke could be on you this week. “Things” improve after Wednesday, but the Mercury Inconjunct of that day will continue to be an irritant.

Cancer: You are in great shape. Thursday may prove irritable for you. If you have an Aries friend, let them get things done for you. The Wednesday Inconjunct is unpleasant for you, too. (But not as bad as Gemini.)

Leo: Lay low. If you MUST do something, do it Thursday. Otherwise, lay low.

Virgo: Your Solar 12 House approacheth. Better get things done. Best day for you is Friday, but Tuesday works, too. Wednesday isn’t quite as hard as you. If you are an August Virgo, your solar 12th house is close; you’ll enter it 30 days before your birthday.

Libra: Read Aries. You feel Wednesday in an odd way. You don’t need to be involved if you can avoid it. Watch the spectacle despite the temptation. Next Monday is better for you.

Scorpio: Leo irritates you, but this period tends to favor you. Tuesday is VERY good. Please do seize any opportunity here as long as it is COMPLETE on Tuesday. Wednesday, things turn to mud. Skip Thursday and come back online Friday. Saturday can be very good, also.

Sadge: Pluto continues to bedevil you. No matter how much you try to control, it seems to slip away. You’re tending to act more like a Scorpio than the Scorpios are. Maybe they can help. Thursday is your day this week.

Capricorn: Read Cancer. Transiting Jupiter saves your day, and Tuesday is okay. Wednesday is not; if you see an Aquarian in trouble you might can get quite a bit of loyalty if you help them. Friday and Saturday are best for you.

Aquarius: Tuesday is fine, but you MUST look at your health. Maybe time to call the doc and get a checkup? Thursday is your day this week. Also, you are beginning to take a hard look at partnership issues, and this is likely to continue until “about” Friday, August 22nd.

Pisces: You, too, have a bit of an opportunity on Tuesday. Surprises tend to be pleasant. Expect the unexpected. Then, lay low til Friday, when you are strong again.

To Yod or Not to Yod

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Following on a suggestion from a pal, I’ll will probably switch to a monthly format for predictions. In that way, I can “do my duty” to my readers in a single marathon session. Then, through the month, I can “punctuate” my predictions with various entries and observations.

That said….

Today has a number of interesting aspects, and at least two of them might form a yod. Sun is inconjunct Pluto, and Mercury is inconjunct Chiron. The three signs involved are Cancer (Sun + Mercury), Sadge (Pluto), and Aquarius (Chiron). Most people say that the planet in Cancer would have to be a SINGLE planet (or two or more in tight conjunction. Mercury is “near” the Sun, but not quite so tight.

I believe that, sometimes, configurations like these can still make a statement. This would be particularly true if your Sun or Moon is in Cancer, Sadge, or Aquarius. AND it would be true for the opposing signs: Gemini, Leo, and Capricorn. (That’s half the Zodiac.)

Sun and Mercury are so familiar that I won’t dig into them, but Pluto and Chiron are worthy of examination. They will continue to speak to this same issue for some time to come: a choice between power (and a consquent expulsive kind of healing, similar to lancing a boil) and healing (through teaching and mentoring and a consequent convalescence that is more gradual).

Though I don’t really like to talk politics, I think this is about the choice between peace and war. AND, since Yod’s have ways of producing an inherent disatisfaction and “I told you so” kind of attitude, this speaks to the obvious. That is, regardless of whether war or peace is chosen, discontent will continue. Maybe the only “real” choice is what variant of discontent do we want to live with.

Moon in Pisces opposes Saturn in Virgo “about” 9:30 CDT (okay, Daily Planetary says 925 CDT) or early afternoon in Great Britain. Generally, this aspect also lights up tensions between work and play, and may even tie into resentments against power brokers (Pluto in Sadge). For many of us, we’ll want to play but have to work. Even if we do work, we’ll find it difficult to pay attention to details.

So, what will your decision be today?

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