Federalist Papers and Aquarius Papers

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Today, I read an interesting piece called “Happy Birthday to the United States of America – Or is it?”

Very interesting article, and more interesting comments. I suppose I must start by saying that I completely disagree with ANY notion that the Articles of Confederation was the birth, regardless of sign. Specifically, it was the death of the Articles of Confederation (a model that could not work) that led to the Constitution (a model that could work).

(Please read The Federalist Papers if you have any doubt.)

A commentator to this article, Chris, comes AWFULLY close to the real turning point. He mentions ratification of the 13th Amendment as a possibility for the “real” birthdate. Very, very close.

At this point, we must consider that, in a sense, the nation “died” with the first shot fired at the Battle of Fort Sumter, and a “preganancy” began at the surrender at Appamattox.  (Note that both are Aries dates that loosely square the July 4, 1776 date.)

But, the key point would be the ratification of the 14th Amendment, specifically “the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.” That is the glue that holds together MUCH of modern law.

That date is July 9, 1868 (which makes the “new” nation a Cancerian, too.)  Apparently all of the “Reconstruction Amendments” were ratified that day.

The current version of Wikipedia describes the Reconstruction Amendments as “perhaps the most significant structural change to the Constitution since the passage of the United States Bill of Rights.”

The Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment means:
(1) if someone from “out of state” in their car hits your car, then (in most states) the “long arm statute” provides (usually) that you can assert jurisdiction “to the full extent of the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.”  Ditto for any similar kind of incident.  (Not just an auto crash.)

[But, this blog isn’t to be construed as legal advice nor is it a substitute of any kind for legal advice from a competent attorney practicing in your jurisdiction.  Consult them if you have an actual question about any legal questions that may or may not apply to you or anyone to whom this or related questions or issues may apply.]

(2) Due Process Clause of the 14th extends to the states the protection of the 5th that you cannot be deprived of “life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness” without due process (a hearing, often a trial).

The real point of Due Process is to make certain EVERYone is given notice and a hearing as part of legal action.  (Of course, for the “Equal Protection clause” is just as important.)

Maybe the problem here is the “old” (Piscean?) astrological notion of picking a SINGLE date to represent an entity.  That was essential in an age before computers, but with (Aquarian Age) tools like Bernadette Brady‘s Jigsaw, we can COMBINE multiple dates to produce a new kind of (more sophisticated) analysis….

Then we could include “the Switch in Time That Saved Nine,” which was probably the defining moment for the post-FDR Supreme Court….

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