The Fire Kite of Friday June 27th 2008

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The Fire Kite

Things, they will be a-changin’ this weekend.  But you knew that already, didn’t you? 

Predictions first; explanations next. 



Aries: a good day for you, but you might feel a little irritable at times.  The moon leaves you moody, and Mars & Pluto contribute to your irritability.  Still, this day favors you.

Taurus: Your best day for “a while” is Saturday.  Cool it today.  Don’t get in scuffles with Leos or Sadge.

Gemini:  You love the show.  The Sun is trying to bring you money, and you might can get it.  Wisdom says to watch the squabbles from the sidelines.  But, like Aries, you can do well if you join in.

Cancer: Have you had your birthday yet?  If so, wait for Saturday, then “Full Speed Ahead”!  Otherwise, lay low until the day after your birthday!

Leo:  Still irritable?  I know.  It really *IS* their fault.  Try not to have a stroke, though.  If you can blow it off in exercise, then do so.

Virgo: Wait for tomorrow.  This isn’t your day.  Leo may lead you astray with a military campaign; watch this battle from the sidelines.

Libra:  What do you want to do?  You have a lot of flexibility with this day.  Make it yours.

Scorpio: Like Taurus et al, you need to wait until tomorrow before you pounce.  You can hurt a Sadge, if you want, but making them your ally would be a much better idea.  If you must, be their “Secret Santa” for Christmas in July.

Sadge:  Somebody made you mad.  If you and Leo collaborate, then you can turn the world upside down.  Scorpio would be a great ally, but they won’t feel their full strength until tomorrow.  Try not to lie.  You’ll be tempted.

Capricorn:  Take a vacation day Friday.  Really.  I know you are a workaholic, but take a break.  THEN, plan to work on Saturday.  You need to take this time when others are playing to get things together for your next campaign, whatever that may be.  This will give you the best advantage, particularly in business or money matters.

Aquarius:  Are you deceiving them, or are they deceiving you?  Aries, Leo, and Sadge can all be your friends, but especially Aries.  Watch out for double-dealing, and don’t do it yourself.  You could take a day off, too, but you might miss an opportunity.  Up to you to decide which is better.

Pisces: Read Scopio, but replace “Sadge” with Aries.  And, chances are that the Aries has Leo & Sadge friends that can beat you up if you do hurt them.  Make them your friend, and wait for a better opportunity on Saturday.

Okay, for those more interested in the “technical” aspects of Friday June 27th of 2008, here’s “the rest of the story.”


Still reeling from the Uranus Retrograde?  That’s okay, Friday should start to feel a little better for some of you.  Moon in Aries Trines Mars in Leo; both loosely Trine Pluto.  This is a Grand Fire Trine, with the two planets of War & Death in them.  They are also the planets of vigorous exercise and “purging” one’s self.  (As long as you are not anorexic or bulimic, this is probably okay.)  For some people, this can very much be a “get things done” day. 

I’ll call this configuration a Fire Kite. And, it is the Fire Kite of June 27th of 2008.

Mars (in Leo) is opposed by both Neptune and Chiron.  Aquarius planets convent the Grand Trine into a Kite.  This is a notoriously “lucky” configuration (for some), and Aries, Leo, Sadge, & Aquarius should consider buying a lotto ticket.  Gemini & Libra have potential, too.  (Earth and Water signs should defer until Saturday to try their luck.)  For more about kites, read this article.  That article is set in 2007, but the theory is still relevant for today.

I think this article by Eric Francis is also moderately useful.

I’d like to add that both Chiron and Neptune, despite being in Aquarius, tend to add a bit of “Whoa, not so fast!” to this configuration.  Neptune can be about aspirations set too high, or just plain delusions.  Chiron is moving backwards and is still near the North Node.  To win that Lotto, you might have to do some work.  

In fact, if you read the Eric Francis article, you know that Chiron and Neptune tell us where the solution can be found.  Unfortunately, the answer is simple too obvious here: Chiron (healing & teaching) and Neptune (dreams & hope) are needed to heal Mars (anger & war) and Pluto (death & taxes) and problems with our “home” (The Moon).  Frankly, I think this applies on days other than this Friday.  But, the planets emphasize this today for reasons only they know.

Please note that Saturday will have an “Earth Kite” (sounds like an Oxymoron, doesn’t it) but THAT kite will have Uranus Retrograde in Pisces as its tail (instead of Chiron / Neptune).  What an interesting configuration! 

All: Pay bills & clean house.  The Moon is waning, and this is a good time to close out old debt, let go of dysfunctional relationships, and clean house in general.  Speaking of cleaning house, the next month or so is a good time to revamp for the summer, if you haven’t done so already.

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