Uranus Retrograde 2008, Mugabe, and Zimbabwe

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Mugabe and Uranus

Initially overlooked, but important on a global scale, would be the ongoing events in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe. Robert Gabriel Mugabe (born February 21, 1924) is the President of Zimbabwe. Given that the Uranus Retrograde of this year occurs on June 25th of 2008, Mr. Mugabe is a little past eighty-four (84) years of age at the time of the retrograde. I’ll base my analysis on the chart calculated by Marjorie Orr. I recommend reading her article, as well.

Recall my article “Seven Years Bad Luck.” Recall my proposal that the Houses of Uranus are probably a better model for seven year events if they have some element of an “accident” or “surprise” (whetherbad luck or otherwise). I also mentioned that Uranus had roughly an eighty-four year cycle (approximately three Saturn cycles as well).

Mr. Mugabe, then is experiencing a period of life associated with the third Saturn return as well as his recent Uranus return.  Few of us experience this, so the effects aren’t well documented. Conjectures can be made. I’ll offer a few.

First of all, Uranus (last) touched the place of Mr. Mugabe’s birth “about” April 9th or 10th of 2007. The current retrograde will only make it back to 18-44 of Pisces; Mugabe’s birth cart (per this source) shows Uranus at 16-36.

Uranus is important to Mr. Mugabe for many reasons. Uranus is conjunct his natal Sun, and this makes him a source of rebellion and change. His name was associated with “modern Africa” for quite some time. Uranus Square Jupiter (In Sadge, no less!) means that (despite his early hardships) he has been INCREDIBLY lucky. Sadge (like Chiron, both represented by the Centaur) is about Universities, Education, and learning. Mr. Mugabe holds multiple degrees and appears to be well-educated.

Uranus is also square Mars (which is near the “amplifier” of Jupiter). Mars is about vigor and masculinity, in one sense, but it is also the “God of War” being about war and violence in another sense. Notice also, that Uranus returned April 9th to 10th of 2007. Saturn, likewise, returned in Retrograde about April 7th to 8th of this year. Both of these dates are in Aries, the sign associated with Mars and War. (These aren’t the ONLY points of return, but they catch my eye.)

April 9, 2007 was primarily characterized by Sun (Aries) trine Jupiter (Sadge). Jupiter was near its return point, and (greatly) strengthened by the trine of the Sun. Later, on April 10th, Mercury (thoughts, ideas, communication, & transportation) squared Pluto (intelligence agencies, secrets, secret police, assassinations). This return appears to have given Mr. Mugabe “the upper hand” in any conflicts. If anyone even THOUGHT about bringing harm to Mr. Mugabe, his organization knew far ahead of time.

April 8, 2008 was characterized by a Grand Trine in Earth that formed a Kite with Uranus! Kites, too, are considered very “lucky.”

The previous two events had Sun in Aries. The Uranus Retrograde Station of 2008 will have Moon in Aries. Friday will include one of Jim Shawvan’s “opportunity periods” that starts with a Jupiter Square (more luck) and includes a Grand Trine in Fire. (Grand Fire Trines are primarily about powerful leadership, though sometimes they can be associated with violence.)

Regardless of what you think of Mr. Mugabe, he has an incredible amount of luck on his side. To be sure, he “built” some of this luck through his own hard work and education. But, at this point in his life, he has Jupiter (luck), Mars (war), and Uranus (surprises) on his side in any conflict, whether of words or otherwise.

This retrograde period may contain “surprises” for him, but they will tend to favor him. Of course, the biggest “surprise” would be if he passed away, which is entirely possible for someone who is eighty four years of age. But, don’t expect it. Instead, expect him to continue as resilient as ever.

(I know many people will not like what I have just written, but I make my best effort to be NEUTRAL in my forecasts and just read the aspects that I see. YMMV)

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