Autumn Sunrise: Detailed Analysis of June 19, 2008

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Autumn Sunrise gives a detailed analysis of June 19, 2008.  If you want to “drill down” into different perspectives on the energy of this day, this is an excellent source.  Recall that a fundamental premise of the approach to astrological analysis used by this site is “SUMO” (The Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles).

Is My Marriage Doomed?

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I suppose now is the time for me to clarify a few things. One of my favorite areas of “prediction” is determining the best time to do (or not do) something. This is typically referred to as “Electional Astrology,” but I don’t always follow the usual techniques.

I particularly like to identify obstacles in the road we travel together. I see Astrology as providing tools that are a bit like headlights: mostly they help us spot the potholes but sometimes they illuminate opportunities. So, my predictions tend to be a little negative since I focus on what to avoid.

But, I try to add back the positive. The grains of time are the only thing we really have. Each moment must have some kind of good use hidden within it. The trick is finding what that use is, and then doing the next right thing.

Also, in the process of making my updates, I check my logs & stats to see what searches people run. One recent search started with “is our marriage doomed if married in….” I’d never address such a question or search in the way it was crafted. If the choice has been made, then the future is not about being “doomed”; the future is about what choices to make next.

Little of my work is retrospective, except to provide a foundation for future decisions. The purpose of using multiple oracles (SUMO) is to check them against each other to make the best possible decisions. In a sense, as we move from event to event, from aspect to station, to aspect, to emergent pattern in the sky, we “surf” the energy of each moment. Collectively, we play our roles in the dramas we have chosen. But, often we can choose which role, or which drama, or both. (See my recent predictions about Father’s Day Weekend 2008 where I identify at least three distinct roles that may be picked from.)

So, even if you did choose to marry in what many would consider the “worst possible time,” you may have a special use and a special reason for doing that.

For example, if you married in a void immediately prior to a New Moon, you might use that “cleaning away” energy in such a way that the two of you are activists for cleaning up the environment and paving the way for generations to come. I won’t say you’ll be devoid of sadness. I won’t say that you’ll avoid having to release things dear to you. BUT, the two of you may find you have a very special place in the architecture of the world.

Others who marry at that time may eventually become leaders in the world of Hospice. They may teach us about the ultimate forms of letting go. I’m not saying that is YOUR path, but people with those gifts, who choose that path, are very important to all of us.

Still others may live a quiet life that signifies the close to one era and give birth to children who are leaders in the next era. Many speak of Lincoln, but few seem to recognize the importance of Lincoln’s mother. Perhaps that is your path.

You may not be consciously aware of the reasons behind your intuitive choice to marry at some certain time. Chances are good that you do NOT have that awareness. But those reasons will show themselves as the future unfolds.

If the hand you are dealt seems difficult, you may yet play your hand well.

If you didn’t have choice, if you couldn’t decide to follow different paths, then why would you be seeking advice on how to see those “potholes” in the road ahead from a blog like this one?

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