Intense Romance Week of June 9 through Friday, June 13, 2008

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As I write this, Monday is gone. Most of you had a pleasant Monday. Bad days can happen to anyone, individual charts vary, and individual intent varies. I disagree with the astrological notion that any given decision is set in stone. COLLECTIVE decisions, however, are difficult to change. (I believe that it has been done before.)

Alas, much of this week will involve “collective decisions” between a minimum of two people(s).

I’ll summarize the week before I give its details. This will be a week of intense negotiations, possibly conflict, followed by a culmination likely Friday. On a personal level, especially for younger people, this will be personal power struggles, probably at work, followed by some intense romantic or artistic adventure beginning Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. If finances pre-empt romances for you, then the struggles earlier in the week will be intense but give no clear answers (though they may APPEAR to do so). Later in the week, an agreement may be made, but it may need to be changed or fall apart entirely by September 9, 2008.

Political decisions made this week will APPEAR to be good resolutions, but suspect to “falling apart” by “about” September 9th. (If they survive that date, November 26th/27th will be even more “challenging” as the issues are revisited with much greater scrutiny.)

Tuesday looks interesting but not necessarily earth-shaking. Moon trines Jupiter about Noon, Eastern, and that puts them in agreement. Venus trines Chiron later that evening. But, Moon and Jupiter are in earth, and Venus and Chiron are in air. That is, the two GROUPS of planets have “misunderstandings” at best. Who wins?

Earth seems to invariably believe it is right. Air hardly seems to care, preferring the exploration of a dialog rather than a final decision. But, the winners (if there are any) here will be AIR. Why? Because Venus has a longer term orbit than the Moon, and Chiron has a longer term orbit than Jupiter. Earth may seem right at first, maybe evening winning this PARTICULAR day. But, long term events will prove Air to be correct.

What does this mean? If you are a Gemini or Aquarius, or possibly Libra, you might encounter some “challenges” today, but know that you’re probably “right” in your decisions today. Capricorn and Virgo seem to rule this day, perhaps with Taurus, but (if they follow their tendency to be TOO stubborn) they’ll likely be shown to be long term. If you are Earth (Cap, Virg, or Taurus), try to show some flexibility today. If you are Air, don’t give up entirely if things don’t go the way you hope today.

I might add: this could be a day of profound disconnect, or conflict, between the financial sector (earth / water) and either the media (air) or “leadership” (fire) or both.

The rest of us tend to be spectators, but you can bet that the water signs (Cancer, Scorp, & Pisces) will be pulled into the Earth side of the battle in most cases; Fire (Aries, Leo, & Sag) will tend to take the Air side. Realize, also, that this may be an “indirect” battle rather than a face to face confrontation. A void Tuesday evening makes certain that “long term settlements” will either come to nothing or realize an unanticipated result.

Wednesday: This is a day of possible early morning conflicts as the Moon moves into Libra, abandoning any support it made of Virgo. In the financial sector, accounting abandons corporate management in favor of “working out a deal.” In the romance sector, old maids & bachelors need to re-examine the demands they make of human beings fitting their “ideal partner.”

Essentially, a Grand Air trine exists, with Moon in Libra, Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, and Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius. Earth sign positions become very untenable this day, and water sign positions that overcommitted in their efforts to back Earth will be in trouble, too. Sun inconjuncts Jupiter late in the day leading to false hopes and some very bad business decisions, particularly regarding (over)spending.

Not a good day to buy, but a damned good day to solicit the opinions of others.

Sun-Jupiter-Mars LOOSELY form a yod this day. That means that Earth signs, particularly Cap, will need to decide between acting as a “manager” (Sun) and being a “soldier” in the trenches (Mars). The Gemini Sun also “looks” to Mars in Leo for advice. A decision MUST be made; inaction will be fatal. Just try not to SPEND, if possible.

Thursday: looks a little better but the tendency to overspend is still present. You might want to think about Thursday to help you decide about Wednesday. Thursday brings something unexpected and difficult to plan for. For some, they’ll meet that “right person,” or even BECOME that “right person,” and go on a date Friday evening. The date might possibly be a casual outing with a friend….

You saw something similar happen about six months ago. Unharnessed, or “processed” foolishly, this aspect (Sun Square Uranus) can lead to terrible accidents or explosions. Properly harnessed, this is a GREAT day to use digital media to make music, photography, video, or other forms of communicative art. So, did you have an accident six months ago? Or did you start some great creative work? (If the latter, this is a good day to “wrap it up.”)

Friday: Most of the workday is void with Venus Trine Neptune inside the void. Venus Trine Neptune is a GREAT day to continue to work on that artistic masterpiece. Some people will fall in love, perhaps the most intense romance of their lives. There is no guarantee that the romance will last (it could), but count on being “more in love” than ever before. Some people will see Friday as a relatively pleasant and relaxing day.

Others will be called by the Retrograde motion of Pluto back into Sag. This begins a time, for many, of hard looks at the past fifteen to twenty years. If you are twenty, or younger, look at your life and know that “things” are about to change in a BIG way. If you are forty, or older, know that this is the time to look hard at what you did in the 1990’s, and the last eight years, and decide what it has meant, and where you would like to spend your remaining energies. What do you wish to accomplish?

If you are between twenty and forty, look back to a turning point in your life that happened in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. You are about to reach another turning point, one that might revisit some aspect of your childhood control issues.

Friday will be VERY “fun” for some, VERY “intense” for others, and a bit of both for many of us. Events started this week, particularly on Thu / Fri / Sat, will reach another important turning point “about” September 9, 2008.

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