End of May 2008: Sticking with It

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A few of you, I am sure, took my advice about “letting go” of something. The evening brought a grand earth trine, and that grand trine provided tremendous RESOLVE to whatever you were doing. If you didn’t do the breakup / break the habit successfully, then the person or habit may now be more firmly entrenched.

Take heart, all is not lost. You’ll get a “second bite at the apple” on Monday, roughly from 9AM EST til about 6PM EST. That void will help you to clear out and eliminate. This is a great time to pay bills, cut up the credit card, and get rid of clutter. You’ll want to wrap up these loose ends, because Saturday has a very “interesting” (but very short, maybe a half an hour) “window of opportunity.” You want to be prepared for that.

On Monday, you won’t have a grand trine–a grand EARTH trine–to help you in the process, but you can still do it. Make certain to make it through about 4PM on Tuesday. By then, things will get a little easier, continue to persist, and by Noon on Saturday you’ll know that you’ve started your new life, whatever that may be.

As a footnote, I visited a bookstore called Messages of Joy today. The sense of community there was charming, and if you are in the area you might enjoy a visit there as well. If not, they have an internet store as well.

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