Seven Years Bad Luck

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Seven Years
Bad Luck

The notion of “Seven Years Bad Luck” has always seemed suspicious, but the roots of the notion are worthy of examination and re-consideration.

The Traditional Notion:
Saturn is the Old Devil

Saturn has been called an “Old Devil.” (Refer to Liz Greene’s Classic: “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil.” I like to write about Saturn, I suppose, because I have an unusually highly pronounced Saturn in my chart. I call it an “Old Devil” and “Evil” quite a bit, but, secretly, it has been my friend in many ways. At many points in my life, after it stripped away some thing, idea, notion, or person from my life, I was invariably liberated to pursue some key project or key aspect of myself.

That said, the idea of “seven years bad luck” arising from certain kinds of events, typically some accident such as accidentally breaking a mirror, has been said by some (many?) to be the result of a one-quarter turn of a Saturn cycle. With roughly a 28-year cycle (which, oddly, corresponds to the Moon’s 28-day cycle), one quarter of a Saturn cycle is indeed seven years. The idea is that Saturn moves from one cardinal, fixed, or mutable point to the next corresponding cardinal, fixed or mutable point.

Saturn is also considered “the planet” (aka “THE Planet”) for “bad luck” because it is associated with “tests, trials, and tribulations.” That is, Saturn is associated with the EFFECT of the “bad luck.”

I have problems with this idea.

A Modern Notion: Uranus, a New Devil

No one claims that Uranus is a “devil,” but he is considered to be a malefic and is especially responsible for accidents. This alone makes Uranus a candidate for an alternative explanation, because Uranus is associated with the CAUSE of the bad luck (an accident) rather than the EFFECT (tests, trials, and tribulations).

Even more important, Uranus goes through a SIGN in precisely seven years. Astrologers tend not to discuss quarter-turns of cycles much. They do arise as a topic, but primarily is discussions of the Sun and “the Seasons.” However, Astrologers CONSTANTLY discuss transits of SIGNS and HOUSES (equivalent to signs). Demarcation of some life event as the transit of a sign (by Uranus) fits better with most asrological theory and typical astrological discussions.

Out with The Old Devil,
and In With The New

So, consider this: maybe the idea of Saturn being associated with Seven Years Bad Luck is just plain wrong. Maybe it is all about Uranus and his penchant for causing changes via accidents.

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