Blue Moons in Taurus, 2008

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Stephie Azaria, who I met “IRL” at UAC ’98, publishes “The Cosmic Path.” On May 19th, she wrote about the second full moon in Taurus this year. Just in case you don’t know, a second full moon in the same astrological sign doesn’t happen often. I refer to such a special full moon as a “Blue Moon.” The popular notion is that a “Blue Moon” is based on the calendar, and that an astrological “Blue Moon” is some kind of special exception.

I differ.

To be sure, some debate exists about this. Stephie went with the “traditional” notion that a “Blue Moon” must be based on our calendar. That’s fine, except that the calendar was originally based on the twelve signs. (She knows this, and she indicated that she felt a little uncertain about using the popular definition.)

If you know the history of the modern western calendar, then you know that it basically originated with the Romans and originally had ten months. (That’s why DECember is based on Latin for ten, NOVember for nine, OCTober for eight….) (What two months were added? July = Julius Caesar, and August, for Caesar Augustus.)

The calendar drifted out of alignment, and several variations on “Leap Years” were developed to fix the problem. Still, it is about twenty days out of alignment, with the Vernal Equinox being on March 21st (roughly) instead of March 1st (where it was originally). (MARs = MARch, and Spring was thought to begin with the energy of Mars.)

My point? Well, *IF* the calendar was correctly aligned, then a (Calendar) “Blue Moon” and a “Astrological Blue Moon” would be the SAME THING.

The “Astrological Blue Moon” is not properly the “exception” unless you capitulate to the notions of the masses who don’t understand the history.

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