Astrology of Memorial Day Weekend, May, 2008: Retrogrades!

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Just in case you haven’t taken the time to notice, we will have a stack of retrogrades on Memorial Day Weekend.  On Friday, Mercury in Gemini trines Chiron in Aquarius.  Mercury should be strong in Gemini (its home, of course), but it is moving slowly (especially bad for Mercury) and about to turn Retrograde.

Chiron is about to turn retrograde, too.  Conversations started Friday may lead into painful areas that are in need of healing, but anything started Friday will “open a can of worms.”  Whether or not this is “good” or “bad” depends on your situation.  To be sure, it won’t be resolved on Friday, and it may not be resolved for some time.  I’d vote at least three weeks before anything that resembles a “full resolution,” and, for some, resolution won’t come until after Chiron turns direct circa October 26th of this year.

Neptune ALSO turns retrograde, Venus (values) enters Gemini (conversations), Venus inconjuncts Pluto (false hopes about power struggles), and Venus squares Saturn (authority).  For the financial sector, the inconjunct with Pluto could signal false hopes about the effectiveness of tax rebates, and square Saturn could mean ACTUAL assets and debts discussed (Gemini) being at odds with the authority figures providing accounting (Virgo).

Any peace talks started now may take much longer to work out than expected, but have the possibility of “standing the test of time” once established.

Back to the personal level:

Unless you are really ready to deal with some big issue, and deal with it in a thorough way that might take months, be careful what you say this weekend.

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