Kite of October 5th through October 12th

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We have a kite in play from October 5th through the 12th.  This is an unusually long window, maintained by the fact that, as the Sun moves out of its place in the kite, Venus will move in to continue it.

Kites can be extremely “lucky” periods and Uranus (aka “Prometheus”) features prominently in this one.  Capture your best ideas, no matter how crazy they may sound, during this time period.  Some amazing gifts may come to you, and when you look back you may realize that those ideas were not so “crazy” after all.

Here is one variant of the chart (a number exist because the window is so large):

Kite of Oct 5 to 12 2014[Click to Enlarge]

If you can recall what you were doing between 3:57 CDT and 4:51 CDT (that is Plano time, please adjust for your Time Zone, of course), and what ideas came to you at that time, you would find the notes that you generate to have great potential to improve your life.  Also important is October 9th which has a quintile kite.

Here is another analysis of this kite that I like.

A number of interesting aspects are happening this October, including a Rosetta, a Mystic Rectangle, and several (gulp!) Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) patterns.  (We saw a similar set of patterns in the Tokyo Earthquake of March 11, 2011.)  These are not particularly common aspects (often having a period of years between occurrences), and we expect October 2014 to be an “interesting” month.

Stay tuned for more.

Kite of January 5, 2014

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A window of opportunity will open for some on January 5th.  In particular, a Kite will occur:

Kite of Jan 5 1-3-2014 12-59-16 AM[Click to Enlarge]

A kite is a kind of a super-charged Grand Trine, and this one taps the Grand Water Trine of 2013 which continues to persist into 2014 (although it will begin breaking up).  This particular kite is stronger than many (which have the Moon somewhere in them which makes them comparatively unstable).  With the Sun in opposition to Jupiter, some will overspend, overeat, and overdo.  This will be to their detriment.  But others will greatly benefit during this period, particularly the prudent people who can focus themselves appropriately.  (With the Sun in Capricorn, the key to harvesting the beneficial energy of this event is self-discipline.)

Here is the U.S. Map.  Based on this map, I would not be surprised to see this energy manifest as a winter storm (with those who have properly prepared benefiting from their preparations).  Since Hercules is here (as I write this), I have to wonder if this means another storm will be coming behind Hercules?  (If so, it looks like the Rocky Mountains may be hit very hard.)

Kite of Jan 5 US Map 1-3-2014 1-13-31 AM[Click to Enlarge]


Private Inauguration Chart (2013)

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Some of you may have read that President Obama will have two inaugurations: a public one and a private one.  We assume that the private one is the “real” one (per the U.S. Constitution, as amended), and news reports indicate that it will occur “shortly before noon.”  We have cast a chart, “near” noon and rectified it to put Saturn in the 7th house (it was near the cusp anyway).  Here is the chart:

Private Inauguartion 1-19-2013 12-32-31 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the inauguration chart shown as a biwheel, with transiting planets surrounding Obama’s natal chart (source):

Private Inaug Biwheel 1 1-19-2013 12-41-14 PM[Click to Enlarge]

Four aspects stand out: (1) Mercury (T) Opposite Mercury (N); (2) Sun (T) Conjunct Jupiter (N); (3) Mars (T) Square Ceres (N); and (4) Neptune (T) Trine Venus (N).  We also note that Pluto (Capricorn, T) is Sesquiquadrate Uranus (Leo, N) and Vesta (Taurus, N), forming a Thor’s Hammer.

Private Inaug Thors Hammer 1 1-19-2013 12-41-14 PM[Click to Enlarge]


Rista’s Chart

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Reader Rista has requested a chart analysis:

hi,  I know that I am currently going through a saturn return and I’m just wondering what I can expect from saturn’s transit into scorpio?  I have been involved in the arts more recently as well as education what do you see in those fields?

Rista 2 1-6-2013 12-27-25 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

[We note that we are doing this analysis during Moon v/c with Mars Square Saturn, so we expect some changes and updates as a possibility.]

Rista has Sun in late Taurus at 29 degrees.  (Similar to, and square, the late Moon in Aquarius of Kalina.)  In Rista’s case, a pursuit of education, career, or both in art is not only advised but is “fated.”  (She will be VERY dissatisfied, long term, if she does not pursue this.)  That is the message of the last three degrees, the last one the most “fated” of all.  However, Rista does need to know that this work in art is preparing her for something else: “things Gemini.”  While she might find great satisfaction in working in sculpture, she needs to recognize that the day will come when she will wish to communicate her ideas in other ways, spoken or written communication.

Both the Sun and Chiron are late in Taurus, and each of them form a yod with Pluto / South Node.  This strengthens the importance of her interest in art and introduces a decision: should she take “the easy way out” (South Node) or “take the plunge into the abyss” (Pluto).  Yods emphasize decisions where, later, we look back and ask “what if”?  (We are never quite satisfied with our decision, later, when we face a yod choice.)  I suspect that she will be better off “taking the plunge,” but in no case will it be “easy.”

If we use asteroids, we can also argue that Rista has a grand trine in earth by sign (Moon & Astraea in Virgo, Pallas in Capricorn, and Sun, Chiron, & Mercury in Taurus).  These also confirm art (and particularly sculpture or other three dimensional art in preference to painting or drawing).  If she has not yet explored sculpture, then she needs to do so.  (And, if she has and discarded the idea, then she needs to revisit.)  We do include jewelry making and all forms of metal and woodworking in the category of “sculpture.”

She can certainly teach, and Mars in Gemini will keep that interesting.  When she has a little more experience, she might use her experiences in teaching and art to write a book.  Indeed, she should keep extensive notes specifically for this purpose.

LiL’s Jupiter Return Causes Problems

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Reader “Lost in Life” (hereafter “LiL”) writes the following:

I am in a real mess rightnow. I have lost the relationship of my life, he just broke up a week ago

(and more, but it has been omitted because some is a bit personal).

First of all, let me say that our posts and discussions on this blog (or any other blog) are no substitute for appropriate professional advice of any kind.  They are not substitutes for legal, medical, psychological, financial or anything other remotely similar kind of advice.  In fact, if you want detailed personal astrological advice, then you should consult a local astrologer personally.  Furthermore, the focus on this blog is the analysis of patterns and mostly fairly abstract speculation about world events.

But, lately, I have made an exception and have been performing a few analyses for fun.  Soon, the other part(s) of my life will become busy, and I simply will not be able to answer many, likely most, of your posts.  And, when I do, the answers may come anywhere from two weeks to two months later.  If you can handle that, then feel free to ask.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s proceed with this analysis.

LiL has some profound life challenges.  In the language of some, she has “lost everything.”  That is rarely true, and we suspect that she does have some resources available.  But, this is a difficult period for her.  In addition to a breakup with her sweetheart, she has had to return to India from London.  As she writes, we come to believe that London is truly home for her despite her heritage.  We have a saying that describes a similar situation here in Texas: “I wasn’t born a Texan, but I got here as soon as I could.”  Personally, I feel that way about Dallas (obviously including Plano).

Without any further details, here is LiL’s chart:

[click to enlarge]

As in some other cases, we used Allen Edwall’s program Astro123 to produce that chart.

LiL correctly observes that she has quite a bit of 12th house activity.  To be sure, this is never easy.  At UAC98, someone once asked an astrologer named Lee Lehman “What should we do about the 12th house?”  Without missing a beat, she quipped, “get rid of it.”

LiL has her Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in the 12th.  The North Node (Fate) is there also.  If you read this blog, then you know that Uranus (aka Prometheus) is about “surprises.”  It is also about enlightenment.  LiL struggles with the question of whether or not she has a stroke of genius or a stroke of insanity on a regular basis.  What is difficult to tell is whether it causes her more pain or those close to her.  We suspect that she feels the most pain.

She has a hidden gift here: Mercury is essentially conjunct Uranus.  LiL can tap ideas that are genius, or near genius at times.  The planets are in the 12th, and (in addition to representing delusions, deception, and alcohol & drug abuse) that can represent psychic ability.  This combination is a bit like a wild horse.  In an untamed form, it can (and often does) destroy the possessor.  With proper cultivation and training, it can be one of the greatest gifts imaginable.  And, Mercury/Uranus is associated with writers.

Sun near ascendant is squared by Saturn at Midheaven.  This is a similar situation.  Sun/Saturn in angular positions brings lifelong tribulations but can produce individuals made of iron.  Saturn at midheaven is associated with academics in general and brilliant writers in particular.  This is a second confirmation of the ability to write brilliantly.

Furthermore LiL has three (3) “fated” planets (last three degrees of a sign): Moon in Pisces, Chiron in Aries, and Jupiter in Taurus.  Note that the three are in sequence.  Once one is aspected, then so are the other two.  LiL’s recent life events correspond to (1) a series of oppositions against the planets in her Scorpio stellium (which also includes Mars) followed by (2) aspects to Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron (in that sequence, and almost simultaneously).  This last sequence is the part that went “boom” in her life.  Jupiter is usually benevolent, but not in LiL’s case.

Something like this happens every twelve years because Jupiter has a twelve year orbit, and a milder version happens at six year intervals.  Further subdividing the twelve year orbit, sometimes three year points can be significant depending on what else is happening.  Here is a transit list for points both in the past and future:

01/13/1997 16:26 Jupiter 91 Chiron
01/17/1997 22:29 Jupiter 90 Chiron
01/22/1997 04:28 Jupiter 89 Chiron
01/23/1998 13:17 Jupiter 91 Jupiter
01/27/1998 20:54 Jupiter 90 Jupiter
02/01/1998 03:22 Jupiter 89 Jupiter
02/05/1999 17:46 Jupiter 0 Moon
06/22/1999 23:29 Jupiter 0 Chiron
10/30/1999 11:58 Jupiter 0 Chiron
02/09/2000 04:48 Jupiter 0 Chiron
06/21/2000 22:23 Jupiter 0 Jupiter
07/01/2001 14:29 Jupiter 89 Moon
07/06/2001 00:21 Jupiter 90 Moon
07/10/2001 11:06 Jupiter 91 Moon
07/24/2002 07:10 Jupiter 89 Chiron
07/28/2002 18:53 Jupiter 90 Chiron
08/02/2002 06:58 Jupiter 91 Chiron
08/14/2003 14:34 Jupiter 89 Jupiter
08/19/2003 04:46 Jupiter 90 Jupiter
08/23/2003 18:47 Jupiter 91 Jupiter
09/17/2004 21:19 Jupiter 180 Moon
10/22/2005 02:25 Jupiter 180 Chiron
11/16/2006 03:54 Jupiter 180 Jupiter
12/07/2007 13:58 Jupiter 91 Moon
12/11/2007 23:45 Jupiter 90 Moon
12/16/2007 08:58 Jupiter 89 Moon
12/28/2008 12:39 Jupiter 91 Chiron
01/01/2009 21:20 Jupiter 90 Chiron
01/06/2009 05:01 Jupiter 89 Chiron
01/05/2010 03:32 Jupiter 91 Jupiter
01/09/2010 21:33 Jupiter 90 Jupiter
01/14/2010 12:36 Jupiter 89 Jupiter
05/26/2010 12:48 Jupiter 0 Moon
09/21/2010 22:09 Jupiter 0 Moon
01/13/2011 12:26 Jupiter 0 Moon
05/31/2011 08:49 Jupiter 0 Chiron
06/03/2012 23:20 Jupiter 0 Jupiter
06/14/2013 21:21 Jupiter 89 Moon
06/19/2013 05:55 Jupiter 90 Moon
06/23/2013 14:33 Jupiter 91 Moon
07/07/2014 22:54 Jupiter 89 Chiron
07/12/2014 11:45 Jupiter 90 Chiron
07/17/2014 00:08 Jupiter 91 Chiron
07/29/2015 08:29 Jupiter 89 Jupiter
08/03/2015 02:21 Jupiter 90 Jupiter
08/07/2015 19:03 Jupiter 91 Jupiter
09/02/2016 01:16 Jupiter 180 Moon
10/06/2017 11:08 Jupiter 180 Chiron
10/31/2018 07:10 Jupiter 180 Jupiter

As with our other readers, we recommend that LiL make a list of events that happened on, or near, these dates.  Since these are Jupiter transits, the events may have happened “near” the dates (due to an activating event such as a New Moon, Full Moon, Mercury station, or something similar).  Contact us regarding the results, and we can proceed from there.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter, May 2012

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Except in certain cases of Jupiter retrograde, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter once a year.  Jupiter has a 12 year orbit, and so it moves to a new sign each year.  This year Jupiter is in Taurus, and the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in a few days.  Although this is a fairly routine annual event, it is worth noting because it brings wonderful opportunities to many people.  And, I heard Lee Lehman at UAC ’98 say, in reference to Jupiter, “spectacular losses.”

That is true.  With the recent (and ongoing) sharp semi-square of Uranus to Jupiter (more properly Jupiter to Uranus since Jupiter is faster), some people will be spurred to make bad decisions.  You will have to evaluate your own circumstances to determine whether or not you should take that “big risk” that presents itself.

That said, I will provide a few estimates as to how I think the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, in process for the next few days (though about May 12th or 13th) will play, in general, for most signs.  (Remember, this is general and does not take into account your Moon sign or the rest of your chart.)

Aries:  Life has been full of surprises and will be for the next few years with Uranus in your sign.  (Uranus stays in a sign for about 7 years.)  The Sun-Jupiter conjunction will amplify the surprises.  This could be in “size” or frequency or both.  Your life could take on a bit of a whimsical and unpredictable quality; this could be a turning point.  Most of you will handle this well.  As is true with the other signs, most of you will have to make a stand on some issue during this window.  See if you can get a Taurus to do the work.

Taurus:  We are in a recession, but you have an opportunity for a big win.  However, Taurus can be slow to act, and many will let it pass by.  Hindsight is 20/20.  So, the fact is that most of you better jump on the opportunity while the window is open.  It will shut, and this one probably will not visit you again.  Be careful about others trying to take your advantage from you, especially Scorpio.  An Aries may want credit for the idea.

Gemini:  You are smart and fast, but you have a possibility for a mis-step here.  Pisces can irritate you, but stick with the positive side of Piscean energy here: poetry, music, photography, and selflessly (anonymously even better) helping others.  Watch out for the quick fix.  For you, “too good to be true” is probably good advice.  But, do take pictures.  P.S.  An allegiance with a Pisces might help you wrest the advantage from another team.  But, if a Scorpio catches you doing that….

Cancer:  Taurus exalts you, and this may be one of the best windows of your entire lifetime.  Friends can do amazing things for you in this window.  Some of you may invent brilliant things.  Consider hiring a patent attorney if you do.  Frankly, if you are smart you can let others scurry about while you reap the advantage.  Allegiance with a Scorpio could be smart.

Leo:  Taurus squares you.  The Uranus in Aries might save you, and it will certainly change you.  Frankly, this is a dangerous aspect for you.  Know everything about the price, total cost of ownership, before you buy it.  Whatever you choose, you must be decisive.  And, chances are good that there will be no turning back.  As usual, consider allegiance with Aries and/or Sadge.

Virgo:  Taurus trines you.  But, the unpredictable Uranus in Aries tends to irritate you.  Some of you will see major changes or shifts in your family.  This might bring big money to you.  In general, you will probably benefit.  You have some of the same problems as Libra.  You will tend to be dissatisfied despite the benefit you (might) accrue.  Maybe you need to drop some of the perfectionism for once.

Libra: Uranus in Aries opposes you and that forces you to be more of who you are.  That’s interesting since you are about balancing forces and delaying decisions until you have more information.  This one will MAKE you decide.  Failure to decide is a decision, and it might not be the one you want.  Be proactive.  Taurus inconjuncts you, and (similar to Virgo) you may be dissatisfied with the results no matter which option you pick.  But, do pick.

Scorpio:  Taurus opposes you.  You win big or lose big.  Most of you are smart planners and not so impulsive.  You are natural investigators, and you can use that much to your advantage in this situation.  Having a Cancerian ally could be very good for you.  If possible, do not have Virgo or Libra in your decision making; they cannot see the opportunity that you can.  Do realize that you do have a chance to be happy here if you are willing to work for it.  (That doesn’t tend to come easily to you.)  Follow the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared.”

Sadge:  Your problems are similar to Libra, except Uranus favors you.  Even if you stumble, even if you are a bit dissatisfied with the result, the “surprise” here is ultimately going to benefit you.  Try to take a long term perspective on this.  Avoid the temptation to buy a motorhome at this time.

Capricorn:  Read Cancer.  The surprise really irritates you, maybe more than anyone else.  But you’ll love the results.  You are not getting them the way you want, but you are getting them.  You’ll need to focus on the outcome rather than the method.  Avoid looking a gift horse in the mouth like a hypercritical Virgo might or waffling about an important decision like a Libra might.  It is possible to mess things up despite the fact that you are heavily favored here.

Aquarius:  All good for you.  Actually, it is outstanding for you, maybe the best.  Some of you will consider going back to school.  Leap on that.  Others will have their day in court.  You can win.  Still others should just buy a lotto ticket.  Although Taurus squares you, you can win big here.  You’ll experience some annoyance and discomfort, but the overall win is so big you should ignore the molehills.  Similar to Cancer, if a great idea or two hits, consider that patent attorney.

Pisces:  Just because the bank vault door is open does not mean you should rob it.  And, it will open for you.  Just be careful not to spend it before you get it.  Really, avoid the temptation to create a debt or spend unnecessarily.  The universe is very good at giving you expenses, so KEEP what you get if you get a win here.  You just might need it for a rainy day.  Open a savings account if you do not have one, and start filling it.  Note that this could be a situation where a Taurus will put you to work.  Is it a job that you want?  You’ll have to decide.  Avoid criminality or anything remotely similar.  Stick to being a saint, you can be very good at that.

All Signs:  If your moon is in a different sign, and you know where it is, read that too.  You will get a mix of both.  Only you live in your own skin, so you will have to adapt the interpretations to fit your own life.  Sometimes reading the others signs can tell you something about yourself.

Reading the sign opposite can be especially useful for some of you.  Also, try picking the same element.  (Fire: Aries, Leo, Sadge; Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Cap; Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; Water: Cancer, Scorp, Pisces)

Also, depending on how old you are, you can look at major decisions, particularly career, travel, and finance, made during these periods:

June 28, 1999 to June 30, 2000
Mar 8, 1988 to Mar 11, 1989


Sun-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine of late April, 2012

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Not sure how to interpret this: the Sun, Mars, and Pluto are in a Grand Earth Trine.  Grand Trines are stable, and earth signs are stable.  But, this is the Sun (“the Greater Light”) in alignment with the two warlords of the Zodiac.  To be sure, this will spur some of us to action while others sit still and watch.  Today, Sun and Mars aspected, about 5 days from now Sun and Pluto will.  Then the GT breaks up.

Here is a chart, courtesy of Astrolabe‘s free chart service on their website.  So, what are your thoughts on this?  How is this working in your life?


Vernal Equinox 2011: Sun Conjunct Uranus

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The 2011 Vernal Equinox presages a year of accidents and innovations. The Tokyo earthquake of 03-11-11 was a ghastly and disturbing herald of some of the excitement, but expect a year of innovation as well. Governmental strife such as that of Libya and Egypt will be typical as well. Sun Conjunct Uranus at the time of the Vernal Equinox tells us that revolutions are at hand.

Still, this chart looks better than last spring.

Below is a basic chart, set in Dallas:

Here is a U.S. Map.  Two cities are truly noteworthy on this map: (1) New Orleans (Mars Line) and (2) Boston (Pluto Line).  What does this mean? Unclear, but best guess is that it is weather related, perhaps later this year.

Note: You can enlarge either image, above, by clicking on them.

Full Moon of May 27, 2010

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This Full Moon comes as a powerful punctuation mark in a rare series of powerful patterns.  Interpretations of these patterns vary widely.  Probably because the are so rare they are difficult for the astrological community to form a consensus.  Some claim they are disruptive (they have been), and others claim opportunity.  Whichever set of advice that you follow, these patterns will tend to produce clear winners and losers.  And, in some cases, they will produce lose-lose situations where nobody benefits.

To paraphrase what has been described as “an old Chinese curse,” we are living in “interesting times.”  (See, also, this link.)

Here is the basic chart along with a few variations:

For those who like more details

In addition to the required Sun-Moon opposition, a number of other oppositions are occurring.  Jupiter and Uranus are “near” each other (most would say conjunct) and both oppose Saturn.  Uranus enters Aries about an hour and a half later.  Since Uranus has an 84 year orbit, it is clearly on the cusp, and even a slight error in calculation could mean it has entered Aries.  Regardless, this entry heralds (more) explosions, accidents, and revolutions (of all kinds, including but not limited to political).

Both Saturn and Uranus are also making stations.  This means they are almost “standing still” currently.  Saturn turns direct on Sunday, and Uranus turns direct on Monday.  Frankly, for the financial markets, this probably means “you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.”  That is, an even more profound downturn could happen Monday or sometime early that week.

A large number of Arabic Parts are activated, you may explore these in the next version of the chart:

For those interested in Cosmobiology, here are the Midpoint Trees, followed by Modulus Sort Strips:

Modulus Sort Strips:

2010 Spring Equinox: Make One Wish, and then Work for It

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Make One Wish, and then Work for It

As pointed out in a comment by a reader, besides Moon Conjunct Algol, the next most important thing about this particular Spring Equinox is the relationship between Sun, Saturn, and Mars. The three of them form a pattern, probably one of the Huber patterns. At least one site describes it as a “Triangle of Potential“:

A Triangle of Potential is another fairly common pattern that comprises a trine, sextile and opposition, in other words two soft aspects and one hard aspect. In this case, the planet at the apex of the trine and sextile is the key to solving the opposition. The person will experience struggles, but by utilizing the energy of the trine and sextile will be able to make them work, so to speak. In many respects the hard aspects are what motivate us. If life was always easy we’d have a lot less incentive to grow. A Triangle of Potential will give a person just enough friction to utilize latent talents and abilities that otherwise might lie dormant.

So, the “gift” of this equinox is given by the results of  hard work.  (That is good for a number of countries in Western Europe.)

The planets and signs here give the potential to accomplish, and accomplish much. Both the Sun and Saturn are at the first degrees of their respective signs, and the Sun is at what many consider to be the most important point in the zodiac. The “solution” is found in Mars at 0 Leo (also an important point); Mars has just begun forward motion. That means old projects are being resurrected and given a second chance.

Two paths exist here: the fierce anger of Mars in early Leo and the stubborn unyielding destructive power of Algol, or using the focus given by the Taurus Moon and the energy of forward Mars in early Leo to get something done. And, by “get something done,” I do not mean death or destruction. The potential here is to bring about lasting change (Saturn is very permanent, the “bones” of anything). So, as you celebrate this Equinox, think about the one major change you want to accomplish this year, and put all of your energy into accomplishing that.

If you are a returning visitor, then you have probably read the “2010 Vernal Equinox: Bad Moon aRisin’” entry. 50% of you, or more, come here specifically to read that (which means that it sort of went “viral” on a very small scale, maybe 1,000 people or so). Traffic peaked yesterday, Thursday March 18th. Most celebrations are tonight.  Except for some post hoc analysis later, this is the last entry regarding the 2010 Spring Equinox.

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